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The 3 Star Gods 

The three Star Gods are Lu, Fu and Shou. 

Lu is the God of high-ranking affluence.  He is sometimes shown as holding a small child. This symbolizes our wishes to have healthy children, as well as bringing good fortune, and high hopes for the present and the future.  Lu is also sometimes seen as holding a scepter of power and affluence.  He is the bringer of opportunities for bettering our life and our self to receive high rewards. 

Fu is the God of happiness and wealth.  Sometimes he is also called Fu Hsing.  On the 20th day of the 7th moon, you can ask Fu favors.  He is almost always represented as being taller than the other two Star Gods, and is most commonly shown as being a full head taller than them both.  Fu, the Star God of happiness and wealth, holds the symbol of gold, to signify wealth. 

Shou is the Star God of health and longevity.  His large head and the fact that he carries a peach in one of his hands distinguish Shou.  This peach is said to blossom only once every three thousand years, which symbolizes immortality.  A wedding in the month that the Peach tree blossoms signifies a long marriage and is considered very lucky. 

Feng Shui and the Star Gods 

Feng Shui has both defensive and active principles that can be applied to your life.  It is all a matter of activating different Feng Shui defences for protecting you, your luck, and your home from the influences of the poison arrows and the shar chi. 

Remember how critical it is to have a good compass as well as an idea of how you are seeking to reshape your life, because you will need this direction and goal to be able to plan your strategy for reshaping your life.  It is not simply a matter of placing gods and bagua mirrors all over your environment - this will not protect you and your luck - it is a planned strategy that you will require for progress. 

Keep in mind that while there are times that bigger is better, but this time, understanding and working within the plan of the lo shou of your home and understanding how and why poison arrows will hit you and your home, will assist you in planning and activating your protections which will bring your other luck into fruition. 

The combination of the 3 Star Gods is considered to be auspicious by Chinese people worldwide.  Place these three star Gods in an area that is higher than a table, to distinguish them by showing a mark of their honor.  The 3 star Gods symbolize certain constellations in the skies, and are also given special acknowledgement at certain months of the year.

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