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Eight Immortals

Chinese fables and legends have interesting and spiritual stories to tell the world. The eight immortals is one such fable that is found everywhere in China. They are revered as Gods by the Chinese and their fame has also spread to the shores of Japan. It is believed that the eight immortals were sent from heaven to earth by God to protect the people and make their stay happy on mother earth.  There are seven men and one woman in the eight immortals. There are paintings, wall hangings, engraved showpieces, prints on bone china and artifacts. You can see the eight immortals travelling in a dragon boat towards heaven with the dragon holding a pearl in its mouth. It is believed that the pearl is the key to the gates of heaven.  The names of the eight immortals are: Han Zhongli (Zhong Liquan), Zhang Guolao, Han Xiangzi, Tie Guaili, Cao Guojiu, Lu Dongbin, Lan Caihe and He Xiangu. The eight immortals consists of men, women, old, young, rich, poor, the humble Chinese and a female. All of them hold a talisman in their hands. Each of them has a specific meaning to it. Zhong Liquan's fan can give life. Zhang Guolao's drum can predict the future.  Han Xingzi's flute can cause growth. Tie Guaili's gourd can help the poor and needy. Cao Guojiu's jade board sanctifies the environment. Lu Dongbin's sword can control the evil and ward off bad spirits. He Xiangu's Water Lily helps people to meditate and attain enlightenment. Lan Caihe's basket of flowers helps people to mediate and communicate with Gods.

If the painting or picture of the eight immortals flying off to heaven on a dragon ship is hung in a home or office as per Feng Shui it can surely attract positivity to the home or office. They are considered auspicious and the eight immortals are found in all Chinese homes. The FengShui masters always recommend that these eight immortals can ward off the negative energy and bring prosperity and abundance into an individualís life. Since Feng shui has 8 directions it is believed that each of these immortals guard one direction. The best way to get optimum results is to hang a painting of the eight immortals in your living room or foyer to attract positive energy. Theirs is a world of magic and supernatural feats that bring benefits to those who invite them into their homes. The legend of the Eight Immortals is one of the most moving Chinese ancient stories. These gods have specific features that shows that they belong to the Taoism and dates back to the Yuan dynasty of 1280 A.D.

Some feel that the eight immortals symbolize life itself and tell us that to cross the troubled waters of life on earth you need to ward off evil, fight poverty, sanctify your environment and grow in prosperity. It is only a symbolic representation of our life on earth. Having a painting in the living room or office can help soothe your taut nerves and guide you to think positively. The white swan in the picture symbolizes peace and freedom. Why these eight immortals are pictured together is not known and who made them into a group of eight is also a mystery.


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