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Creating perfect Chi with Flowers

The perfect way to create chi is by making flower arrangements using the principles of Feng Shui.  By using flowers for Feng Shui, you will attract positive energy, fulfillment, and joy in every aspect of your life. The colors of the flowers and positioning them at the right areas in your home or office can enhance your life to a major extent.  Green color shows growth, abundance and prosperity. A bamboo plant positioned at the wealth corner can bring in the money. Another plant that symbolizes growth is the money plant. It is very easy to maintain these plants as they require less sunlight and water. It is enough if you once in a while tend to them. They are good indoor plants and can thrive in any weather.

One very important thing to keep in mind when making flower arrangements for Feng Shui is to stay away from dry or fake flowers.  Dry or fake flowers, according to the rules of Feng shui, symbolize lifelessness and decay.  Fresh flowers, on the other hand, denote balance and calmness and promise to deliver good energy flow throughout your home or office.

There are particular flowers that are well-known for creating chi.  If you are looking for stability and endurance, make arrangements with sunflowers. Passion and romance, something everyone is in search of, can be brought from cyclamen.  To encourage calm and general well-being, place spider plants around your home.  It is believed that the long, cascading leaves are what bring in the chi (energy).  If you are looking for fame, recognition, or approval of your work, African violets are the perfect choice.

Besides using certain flowers for certain types of chi, it is important to place specific colors and types of flowers in specific locations of your home or work environment.  For their tender and harmonic properties, pinks are used for the bedroom.  Likewise, red tulips will bring romance.  For protection, place a wreath of flowers on your front door.  Use reflective ribbons for added protection.  Lilies and orchids, which are balance-inducing, should be placed in active areas.  These flowers are also good for restoring peace and harmony after an argument.  Large masses of green, round-leafed plants need to be placed around all electronic equipment.

Finally, you can use lilies for knowledge, bamboo for chi to your parents, forget-me-nots for friends, and roses, loci, and orchids for marriage.

There are flowers for spirituality as well. Surprised?  Flowers like lilies, jasmine and Indian mogra whose fragrance takes you into trance are used to bring mental peace. Interestingly you can see jasmine and mogra in all the Indian temples adorning the Indian Gods. Instead of using artificial room fresheners, placing a bowl of rose petals or mogra in water in the living room can add to the ambience and aura of the place. This is also soothing to the mind and has an ethereal effect along with scented candles and light classical music in the back ground. This is the ideal way to relieve stress and wind up after a long hard day at work.

These flowers and plants make good gift articles. Who doesn’t wish to live a happy life? FengShui helps in balancing the energies in the environment and help lead a harmonious life with nature.


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