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Feng Shui-how chimes can heal

 All around the world and on the internet gift shops and websites were glutted with dragons, wind chimes, bamboo shoots, pictures of phoenix, peonies fish tanks et al. Even today, many gift shops beckon the customer with the soothing tinkling of bells or wind chimes.

 Wind chimes are also popular in households with infants who take to them with wondrous fascination writ large on their innocent eyes. The serene sounds of the chimes render a certain quiet to the entire place. As a Feng shui cure many consultants advocate these in homes, especially when they house sick or ailing people. What is in the chimes that it’s used as a cure?

 Wind chimes are hollow, light-weight, metallic rods that produce the chiming when wind plays against them. Some chimes are also made of hollow bamboo shoots or ceramic tubes.

 Generally the sound of metal is supposed to extricate stale air or energy in a place. In Tibetan practice and space clearing rituals, practitioners clap hands, play loud music, bang against brass plates, ring bells or use wind chimes, singing bowls to clear the air of staleness, sickness and instill a certain amount of peace. They believe that the ghosts get frightened because of the pealing sound of bells and rush out to find another place to dwell!

 Are they really ghosts? While the existence of spirits can be left for another day’s discussion, here spirits actually mean the absence of cheer or well-being. Don’t we say, “He is not in good spirits”, when someone is ill or depressed? There’s nothing better than good music to relieve an ill person of his illness. And wind chimes produce the same effect. Thus in churches and temples, we find bells pealing even today. The sound of the bells and tinkling of the chimes makes the atmosphere charged with positive energy and the place becomes divine.

 Many books and Feng shui Masters advocate that chimes should have five rods or six rods etc. Ideally, the number of rods does not matter at all. What matters is the sound! Some chimes produce the strong gong sound, while others just tinkle. Which sound needs to be used where depends upon the gravity of the situation and circumstances. When there is a lot of negative energy in a place, hanging a wind chime can ward off the negativity. The sound of the chimes brings in the ‘chi’. The jingling chimes when the wind passes through the place enhance the power of positively and gives happiness and mental peace.

 In the study of the five elements, earth produces metal or ore. And too much of earth can cause sluggishness. In flying stars there are certain energies that are harmful and these are supposed to be earth energies. Thus we use the sound of bell, chimes etc to weaken the effects of earth.  

 Hanging chimes in the wrong area can cause disturbances and agitation in the psyche of individuals occupying the area. So it’s wise to consult an expert before you hang chimes.


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