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Feng shui and mirrors  

 Some homes have huge mirrors adorning the entire length of a wall. Residents when queried, happily say it is to make up for the missing sector of their house! When asked if it has made any difference, they answer in the affirmative.

 Mirrors have been used often in feng shui, either to magnify the room space, make up for a missing corner, and reflect something beautiful outside or more often to deflect negative energies or sha qi.

 In ancient China, mirrors were made of bronze on one side enabling them to reflect light. However, today, mirrors on one side are coated of glass and these cannot actually reflect or deflect anything!

 Many often hang a mirror just outside their window to deflect harmful energies that come from a T-junction road or busy highway, without realizing that the light reflected from the mirror can in fact blindfold motorists and cause accidents! It is also unlikely that a single mirror can deflect so many poison arrows.

However, mirrors can be placed or rather not placed in certain places. Mirrors in the bedroom, reflecting the bed are harmful. This is more so because, apart from reflecting your own aura, it can scare you if you suddenly wake up and find a silhouette of yourself at night!

 Avoid broken and tiled mirrors. If you have to use a mirror, then ensure you don’t place it close to a window, as you don’t want outsiders to know what is inside the house. Having too many mirrors in a room can also cause disturbance. Having a mirror at your headboard is again bad.

 The fascinating Pa Kua mirror

 ‘Pa’ or ‘Ba’ in Chinese means eight, denoting the eight directions. A pa kua mirror is octagonal, with a round convex, concave or plain mirror inside the octagonal frame. The octagonal frame has the eight trigrams inscribed on it with broken or unbroken lines or yaos. The convex mirror is supposed to deflect negative energy and the concave mirror is supposed to pull positive energies inside the house, when hung atop your main door. Is it really possible for a small pa kua mirror to deflect or reflect positive energies? That’s a myth and is left entirely to the gullible client.

Can mirrors actually compensate a missing sector? That’s again psychological. Mirrors can create an illusion of space. However, a missing sector is a missing one. Crutches cannot substitute real limbs!


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