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Ando Hiroshige was one of the finest of all Japanese artists.  In addition, he had a profound gift for printmaking and writing.  However, his work using the Ukiyo-e style, specifically pertaining to landscapes and scenery is amazing.  The detail and color of his work set him apart from other artists from this era.  All of his collections are truly amazing, highlighting his incredible talent, both natural and learned through a famous master. 

One of his famous pieces is called “A Shoal of Fishes”.  This book of illustrations is filled with fish and poems written in Japanese.  However, after each of the illustrations is an explanation in English.  In addition to this particular masterpiece of Hiroshige being put on display in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, you can today, purchase a book of full-color reproductions, featuring 20 of his finest illustrations. 

The original Shoal of Fishes was woodblock creations published in 1832.  In this book, you would enjoy a series consisting of seven woodblocks from Hiroshige’s Tokaido series and one from his Edo series.  In addition, the book offers twenty-one other illustrations from various Japanese artists.  Without doubt, you would notice immediately the detailing and incredible skill of this artist.  To help you appreciate the work involved with this series, we have broken the woodblock prints down. 

s        Japanese sea perch and alfonsino

s        Areolated reef cod and white horse head

s        Yellowtail/amberjack and puffer/blowfish

s        Gurnard/sea robbin and right eye flounder

s        Crawfish/spiny lobster and shrimp/prawn

s        Common gray mullet/striped mullet

s        Carp

s        Horse mackerel and shrimp/prawn

s        Marled rockfish and snapper

s        Red sea bream

s        Bartail flathead

s        Flying fish and white croaker

s        Greenling and grouper/sea bass/perch/rock 

While these woodblock prints are of fish, the color and again, the detailing are simply stunning.  His work was so unique and advanced for the times, you can only appreciate what he has done.

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