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How to set up your bedroom using Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is as simple as opening your windows when it gets warm! “If man knows which window to open and which to shut, the wise man can fill his dear cart with pearls!” is a proverb my Master often quoted.

 A simple re-arrangement of furniture can work magic. Once in a lady’s house, I looked at the bed and enquired who used it. When I learnt she was the user, I knew she’d be the one with health problems and she opened a cabinet full of medicines. I simply advised her to change the bed to another side of the room! She is as fit as a fiddle today.

Feng shui is about the position where you place your head post in your bedroom and which side you face while sleeping. Generally the master bedroom should face South-West or North -West direction.  What is the view you have outside your bedroom window matters a lot. People residing in apartments, may have different cures, despite having the same house layout and the same view outside the window, because Feng Shui is person specific.

Do not clutter your bedroom with furniture and unwanted things. A bed facing your best position and a wind chime on your window and also a painting or a wall hanging to enhance your relationship is welcome.

Avoid keeping anything at the foot of the bed. Let that place be clear. Never face the bedroom door while positioning the bed. Let the bed be against the wall to give support to the occupant.

Do not place mirrors in front of the bed. This may obstruct the ‘chi’ and bounce it back.  Try and avoid placing your bed next to a window. Let it be in the middle and dominate the room.

Another important aspect is the color and décor of the bedroom. Use earthy colors like green, blue, white or cream. Light and pastel shades are welcome. Avoid red and black colors as these can cause trouble in your relationships.

So when you need to enhance or remedy a situation, strictly use these elements like plants, water, brass plates, bells, mud and loads of intuition. Based on the kua or the birthdates, place yourself in a certain sector, facing your best direction. This ensures you get what is already freely available in nature!

 And last but not the least, fate plays a crucial role in our life and applying Feng Shui is like going down on a parachute. We know we’re falling, but at least let the landing be smooth!


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