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The Composition of a Japa Mala or Rosary

 Prayer Mala or Japa Mala ( Rosary ) is used to keep a count on the chantings of a particular Mantra for example the Gayatri Mantra. Therefore, as such, there is no specification of the Beads used in the Rosary. 

However, Rudraksha  Rosary has come into use for a long time as this Rosary can be used for chantings as well as being worn around the neck in view of the wonderful effects  of the Rudraksha Beads. The Rudraksha Japa Mala should contain 108 beads. The Beads used should be of Panchamukhi. 

It would still be better to have in a Rosary 99 Panchamukhi Rudrakshas and the other remaining 9 in the following order (1) Dwimukhi (2) Trimukhi (3) Chaturmukhi (4) Shanmukhi (5) Saptamukhi (6) Ashtamukhi (7) Navamukhi (8) Dashamukhi (9) Ekaadashamukhi. When these are used the user will get full benefits. 

Further, the order of the Beads should follow a scheme. After the first 8 Panchamukhi Rudrakshas, the 9th one should be Dwimukhi, 27th one should be Trimukhi, 36th one should be Chaurmukhi, 54th should be Shanmukhi, 63rd should be Saptamukhi, 72nd should be Ashtamukhi, 81st should be Navamukhi, 90th should be Dasamukhi and 99th should be Ekaadashamukhi. By following this scheme the total Rudrasha Beads in the Rosary would be 108.  If the above Rosary is used, the user shall experience the power of Rudraksha. 

The origin of Rudraksha Beeds 

It has been mentioned in the scriptures that a Demon by the name of Tripuraasura defeated the Devaas (angels) in a war and became intoxicated with pride. He acquired absolute power and control. The Devaas who were helpless approached Lord Shiva and entreated him to protect them. Lord Shiva reflected over the issue and meditated for thirty three lakh human years with his eyes open. Then, he closed his eyes. Soon thereafter, tears dropped from His eyes and fell on the ground. The Rudraksha plants sprouted from those spots. Rudrakshas comes in red, white and black colors. Rudraksha means "Aksha" of Rudra (i.e. the eyes of Shiva (Rudra ) indicating that which has been out of drop which had fallen from Shiva's eyes. The place where the Rudraksha Plants are grown is known as Rudrakaaranya. 

Rudraksha trees grow up to a height of 60 feet. These trees look like Mango trees. The leaves of Rudraksha trees are also like Mango tree leaves, but smaller and thinner. As soon as the leaves are grown and become matured, the leaves give way to white flowers. These flowers, subsequently become fruits, fleshy with thick hard skin. The seeds inside these fruits are the Rudraksha. They are of the size of berries. The lines which are present from top to bottom of the seeds are called the "faces". The Rudraksha is said to have so many "faces" as the number of lines present in it. 

The Purifying Power of Rudraksha

 Mala or Rosary is made of Rudraksha Beads rather than any other Beads.  The reason for this is that the person who is chanting is supposed to focus his mind on the desired object. To put it more simply, he is supposed to meditate on the chosen object during chanting. The chanting which are oral die away in due course and he becomes the object on which he meditates.

 For example, the Gayatri Mantra Reads as under: 





This means as under: 

Om, we meditate on the spiritual Effulgence of that Adorable Supreme Reality, the Source or Projector of the three Phenomenal World Planes the Gross or Physical, the Subtle Or Psychical and the Potential or Casual, both macrocosmically and Microcosmically. May that Supreme Divine Being stimulate our intelligence, so that we may realize the Supreme Truth. 

Normally the Sun is meditated upon as He is the only visible Force. 

During this Chanting, if the mind is wavering, without getting focused, the chanting is useless.

It is very difficult to control the mind and bring it to a focus. It has been stated in ancient Indian texts, that a Mad Elephant can be tied with a sewing thread to a spot, but it is very difficult to control the Mind. Rudraksha, Being Divine, brings about purity of mind and enables the chanter to focus his mind. A person who wears a Rudraksha will be desisted by Divinity to commit a wrong Act as Shiva is always a witness to his Action. 

The Spiritual Powers of Rudraksha Beads

The earliest literature of Hindus is the Vedas. The Upanishads are the gist of Vedas. In these two ancient literatures of the Hindus, the Spiritual Powers of the Rudraksha has been spoken off very highly. This apart, many scriptures  also explain in detail about the Divinity of Rudraksha. 

Parable 1 

There was a Brahmin named Gunanidhi in Khosla Province. This Brahmin had a son in the name of Subheshan. Father sent his son to a Guru for Education. Son fell in love with the wife of Guru. The wife of the Guru with the connaivance of the son, poised the Guru and killed him.  The wife of the Guru and the Student lived happility. When the parents of the student objected, he killed his Parents. In due course, the student lost sensual pleasure. He wasted all his wealth and became poor. All the villagers avoided him. Then he migrated to forest and started looting travelers.After some time, he died. Messengers of Yama arrived to take his 'Prana".  Simultaneously, messages of Shiva also arrived.  Messengers of Yama declared " Omessengers of Shiva, this man is great sinner. He has committed countless sins. How come you arrived to take him away". Messengers of Shiva replied " O messengers of Yama, please dig out the Earth at the Place where this Man has died".On digging, the Messengers of Yama, found a Rudraksh seed. Shiva's messengers explained that in view of this, this man has become great and took him directly to Lord Shiva. 

Parable 2 

On one occasion, all Gods offered Lord Vishnu valuable gifts. On that occasion, Paramashiva had sent a Rudraksha seed as Gift. Though Vishnu was delighted, Lakshmi was not happy. She decided to return the Rudraksha seed to Shiva. However, Narada appeared on the scene and told Lakshmi to sent Shiva Gold equivalent to the weight of Rudraksha seed. She agreed. With all her wealth, she could find that Rudraksha weighed heavier. She got foxed. Then Vishnu Explained to her even the wealth of fourteen worlds would be lighter than Rudraksha.Vishnu advised Lakshmi to keep a "Vibhudi" fruit on her Gold pan and then the weight became equal to that of Rudraksha. 

The above parables from the Devi Bhagavatham explain the power of Rudraksha. 

Miscellaneous Reliefs from Rudraksha 

The sages have been unanimous in their opinion that the bad effects of evil spirits and planetary afflictions are warded off by the wearing of Rudraksha..

Therapeutic Values of Rudraksha   

The Therapeutic Value of the Rudraksha could be discussed under two sub-headings: 

Therapeutic Value of Beads 

Modern Scientific Research has indicated that Rudraksha exhibits Electro- Magnetic Field.   

Electro-Magnetic Therapy is an accepted Medical practice.  A number of ailments could be treated by Electro-Magnetic Field. It has been scientifically proved that Hypertension, Heart Diseases, Psychological Stresses etc could be cured by wearing Rudraksha. Further, it has power to kill microorganisms. 

It has been mentioned in "Yogasara" that by wearing Rudraksha in the neck which touches cardiac region, Heart diseases are cured. 

As per the sayings of various sages, wearing Rudraksha modulates the Pranatava (vital force) of the body. 

It has also been claimed that mental diseases and all types of Phobias are cured by wearing Rudraksha. Further, in view of the Magnetic Field Rudraksha has the power to reduce psychological stress and the power to control blood pressure. 

Therapeutic Value of Rudraksha Tree, Leaves and Beads 

Oil of Rudraksha is extensively used and injected in the body. This practice is being followed in Indonesia, Belgium and Tibet. The oil is being exported to America. The paste or powder of rudraksha leaves administered to patients of tuberculosis and gastro disorders were cured by consuming the paste.


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