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Batik Tapestry - Batik is an ancient art that reached its peak of development on the Indonesian island of Java.  Dutch traders were so impressed by this craft that in 1835, they brought Batik artists back to Holland with them when they returned from trading trips.
Framed Artwork - Choose from our selection of ready to hang artwork including Silk Embroidery from China, Kalagas from Thailand, Jade Artifacts and more.
Woodblock Prints - We offer a wide selection of genuine Japanese Woodblock Prints created by the Fukui Asajido Company in Kyoto Japan using the old world techniques. Only $27.95
Silk Embroidery & Art - Choose from several different styles of work. Ready to frame Shu Embroidery, Pillow covers and Table decor featuring Beijing embroidery and much more.
Scroll Paintings - The art of the Chinese scroll painting dates back at least 4,000 years.  This art form is considered by many people as the highpoint aesthetically speaking during the cultural history of China civilization.  The Chinese use special brushes and inks to create calligraphy, which are the same tools used for the scrolls. Our Chinese Scroll Paintings are each individually painted in one of several art schools in China. Each is signed by the artist and professionally mounted so it is ready to hang and enjoy.
Tribal Masks - The islands of Indonesia are home to hundreds of ancient tribes that style practice their traditions and arts. Our masks are handcrafted by the natives from the islands of Bali and Lombok.
Looking for something a little different ? Try our other website: Latin Art Mall - Arts, Crafts, and Collectibles from Mexico, Central and South America.

What is Batik?  It is a textile art that involves a specialized method of applying dye to fabric, usually cotton or silk.  There are about 3,000 recorded batik patterns, some of which include flowers, plants, birds, animals, insects, and geometric forms are all popular motifs.  The use of computers in developing batik designs promises to add many more new and exciting designs to this library. 

Think of batik as the reverse of painting.  Instead of painting an area where you wish there to be color or a design on a piece of fabric, wax is applied to the area to keep it color free.  The fabric is then immersed in dye, coloring all the areas of the fabric that are wax free.  The fabric is dried and then the wax is heated in order to remove it.

More about Batik Tapestry...
Kalagas, which are embroidered Burmese tapestries, have been around for about 150 years.  Some of the techniques used in making kalagas are much older.  For example, the techniques of attaching gold thread and jewels called "shwe-chi-doe" were known to have existed in Burma over 1,000 years ago.  Items made using the "shwe-chi-doe" method were and still are rare because they were made from real gold and jewels, making them prohibitively expensive for the common person or every day use. 

Kalagas evoke in us a sense of the exotic and- for good reason.  Originally developed in the Mandalay court, they reflected the designs found at that time in the palace and in the pagodas.  Popular design themes for kalagas included art typically seen on temple walls.  Interestingly, these types of designs are still popular today.  This is one reason it is common for people to think that the kalaga art form is much older than it is since the most popular subjects illustrated on these tapestries are taken from tales and legends of ancient history.

More about Kalaga...
The Japanese Woodblock Print is an art form, which highlights flowing, curved outlines, simplistic forms as well as the detailing of flat areas containing color.  This form of art has not only existed for a long time in Asian history, but it has also deeply impacted artists in both Europe and North America throughout the 19th century. 
Japanese Woodblock Prints ...
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