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Featured Products:

Tibetan Singing Bowls - The singing bowls are also known as magical tools that can transform the life of an individual. Depending upon the size of the bowl a mallet made with wood or leather can be rubbed on the rim of the bowl creating magical sounds. They are known as magical sounds because they help in de-stressing the mind and stimulating mental activity. Chiropractors, Reiki practitioners, sound therapists and medical practitioners use singing bowls to bring peace and tranquility to their patients.
Carved Crystal Spheres - Our crystal balls are made by pulverizing pure natural quartz crystal then melting the powder down to form a solid crystal block. Master craftsmen then hand carve each ball. There is no lead used in the process, and they are not glass. These balls are very clear with virtually no distortion or bubbles, due to the high quartz content. Each ball is individually boxed and comes with a carved rosewood stand.
Gods & Goddesses - Select from an amazing selection of Buddhas, Kwan Yins, and many more. Includes carvings of Jade, Stone, Wood, and other arts and crafts.
Incense - The elegant incense ceremony Kodo has a long, colorful history in traditional Japanese life, as well established as Sado, the tea ceremony. This box set contains all the tools a reader needs to understand and experience first hand the pleasure and calmness of a ceremony that continues to have a powerful resonance in Japanese culture and history.
Incense Burners - Great selection of incense burner in a variety of materials. Choose from Brass, Bronze, Porcelain, Clay, and more. Dragons, Foo Dogs, and other classic Asian themed designs.
Bells & Gongs - Choose from our selection of Cymbals, Tingsha, Gongs, and Bells from China, Tibet, Nepal, and India.

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More Featured Products:

Tibetan Mala Prayer Beads - Choose from a wide selection of Mala Beads made from Wood, Nuts, Bone, and Gemstone. Great Selection and prices starting at only $9.95 for full size 108 bead necklaces.
Yoga Blankets - We stock a wide variety of high quality, thick Mexican and Indian blankets that are perfect for yoga. We carry only the best quality in dozens of designs and colors that you get to choose. We don't sell our blankets as "assorted colors" as most companies do. You get the blanket that you pick.
Books on Spiritualism - Choose from our selection of discounted books on Eastern Religion, Asian Ideals, and Spiritualism

Related Articles from our Reference Section:

Incense is a perfect reflection of one of our keener senses - the sense of smell.  Imagine primitive man spellbound by the intoxicating aroma of a fresh spring field or a lush forest, and you will understand the origins of incense!  It is no wonder that people sought a way to incorporate these aromas in a tangible form for use in their medical practice and spiritual traditions. 

One interesting fact to note is that many of the ingredients used in incense don't have any smell unless they are burned.  Somehow, people figured out how to capture these natural essences in a form they could transport and use at will.  Experts believe that the burning of fragrant woods such as cedar, pine and cypress, and aromatic resins, roots, berries and other natural materials gave us our first incense.  

Incense Article...
Historians believe that metal working artisans perfected the techniques for making Tibetan Singing Bowls nearly 2,500 years ago!  Although there is not a lot of written history to trace the origin of these wonderful objects of art, fortunately, there is a rich tradition of oral history that tells us that the bowls came to Tibet from India at the same time that Buddhism was introduced to Tibet by the great Buddhist master, Padmasambhava.  Therefore, the history of Tibetan Singing Bowls goes back to the 8th century A.D. 

One of the most fascinating things about Tibetan Singing Bowls is that the quality of sound of the ancient bowls cannot be reproduced today.  In fact, this is a lost art.  Analysis of old bowls reveals that they were made from a twelve metal alloy consisting of silver, nickel, copper, zinc, antimony, tin, lead, cobalt, bismuth, arsenic, cadmium, and iron.  Legend has it that some of the ancient bowls included metals taken from meteorites! 

Tibetan Singing Bowls ...
Taoism is considered as an entity that defies definition, which can be properly understood only by experience. The most approximate meaning with respect to English language is �the way� or �the path�.   Taoism corresponds to a power, which envelops, surrounds and flows through all things, living and non-living. In simple words, it can be considered as a way of spiritual living.
Taoism ...

The Shinto religion is unusual when compared to other ancient spiritual traditions in several key aspects.  For one thing, the Shinto religion is not based on any body of religious law.  Most religions can trace their concepts back to one or more ancient texts that define what laws are to be followed, at the very least.  Some religions, for example Buddhism have centuries of writings that are rich in philosophy and interpretation of the original teachings of the founder. 

Some experts have described the Shinto religion as "an amorphous mix of nature worship, fertility cults, divination techniques, hero worship, and shamanism."  The closest thing that Shintoists have to a code is the Chinese doctrine of Confucianism.  The Shinto religion also does not have a strong tradition of training leaders to administer the religion.  There is a Shinto priesthood, but the organization does not involve the complex system of training and hierarchy that you would find in Buddhism, for example. 

Shinto ...
The legend of Confucius tells us that his ancestors were once weathly folk who lived in the state of Song.  The family, fleeing political turmoil moved to Lu and became impoverished.  Early accounts of Confucius relate his poverty stricken childhood and how being poor drove him to first seek work at menial jobs, doing accounting for rich farmers and taking care of animals.  Somehow Confucius was able to educate himself and mastered music, among other disciplines.  By the time he was middle-aged, he had begun to teach his philosopy to others.
Confucionism ...
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