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Brass & Bronze - Handcrafted sculptures of Brass and Bronze from China and India featuring classic Asian designs including Dragons, Buddha, and Foo Dogs.
Stone Sculptures - Choose from our selection of Jade, Gemstone, and Soapstone carvings depicting Buddhas, Dragons, Eagles and more.
Ceramic Sculptures - Amazing reproduction Tang Horses and other classic designs from Ancient China.
Carved Bone & Wood - Intricate carvings of wood and bone including multi-layer sandalwood puzzle balls and miniature bone boxes.
Oaxacan Wood Carvings from Mexico - These wood carvings are extremely popular and because of their movement, humor, and vibrant colors, they look great in any home, office, or as a gift!  The design of each carving comes from the carver�s own superstition and imagination.  Since magic and myth are a huge part of the culture in this region, the Oaxacan wood carvings can be dramatic in design.
Tagua Carvings from Panama - Imported directly from the Native Indian Artists that created these little masterpieces. Choose from Animals, Fish, Birds, and Reptiles - all native to the country of Panama that the carvings come from. The tagua nut has a strong resemblance to animal ivory, making it a wonderful resource for creating all types of beautiful things.  For many years, the tagua nut was used primarily for making buttons but with new technology and more affordable materials such as plastics, a decline began.  Even so, the tagua nut still has value in the making of other things to include chess set pieces, jewelry, handles for canes, dice, figurines, etc.
Tagua Carvings from Ecuador - Located in the northwest portion of Ecuador, a unique venture began called the Tagua Initiative was formed.  This began in 1990 by Conservation International as a means of creating economic incentives associated with the tagua palm nut, trying to find a way for the harvests to be sustained.  Because of this initiative, today we see almost 2,000 people belonging to the Comuna Rio Santiago-Cayapas, holding down jobs.  However, these jobs depend on the rainforest being left unharmed, allowing the tagua nut to continue growing.
Huichol Bead art from Mexico - To create bead art, the Huichol Indians place a thin layer of beeswax with pine resin onto a hollowed out gourd or wooden form.  Then, very carefully and meticulously, small, colorful beads made from glass are picked up with a long needle and pressed into the wax.  Using complex designs and symbols, the result is stunning.  Each piece tells a unique story about the legacy of this tribe, their religious beliefs, the sacred deer

Buy her something she won't be expecting. Choose from our selection of over 4,000 different unique and unusual handcrafted arts and crafts from the Far East. We have Silk Scarves and Shawls from Thailand. Exotic Jewelry from Bali, Thailand, and Russia; and a great assortment of Home Decor items.
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Men are always difficult to shop for. Choose from our selection of over 4,000 different unique and unusual handcrafted arts and crafts from the Far East. We have Dragons and Foo Lions in Brass and Jade, Tribal Masks from Bali, Chinese Snuff Bottles, and many other unusual items.
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A wonderful combination of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modern life, Japan has it all. It is one of the world�s most fascinating places to visit as many wonders and revelation await you. You can try your hand at Origami, the popular art of paper folding, or take a walk down the serene paths of a temple or you may step into a theatre and take in a performance - the Kabuki Theatre is a must see in Japan as it is the most famous of the traditional Japanese theatres and depicts one of the various aspects of performing arts.
Kabuki Theatre ...
The tea ceremony is a very special event in Japanese culture. The host spends days going over every detail to make sure that the ceremony will be perfect. There are various styles of tea ceremonies and it is recognized that every human encounter is a singular occasion that will never recur again in exactly the same way, and so every aspect of the tea ceremony is savored. The ceremony takes place in a room called the chashitsu. This room is designed and designated only for this ceremony. The room is usually within a teahouse, and is located away from the residence in the garden. 
Japanese Tea Ceremony ...
The description of this trade route to the west as the `Silk Road' is misleading. In fact, no single route or road was taken. In crossing Central Asia, several different branches developed, passing through different oasis settlements. The name `Silk Road' is relatively new in historic terms, and was actually coined by a nineteenth century German scholar named von Richthofen
Along the Silk Road ...
The Japanese Woodblock Print is an art form, which highlights flowing, curved outlines, simplistic forms as well as the detailing of flat areas containing color.  This form of art has not only existed for a long time in Asian history, but it has also deeply impacted artists in both Europe and North America throughout the 19th century. 
Japanese Woodblock Prints ...
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