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Japanese Secret Puzzle Boxes - Our puzzle boxes are each individually handcrafted in the city of Hakone, Japan and imported by us directly from the artists offering the best quality and pricing available. The skills have been passed down through the generations since the Edo Period.
Golden Pond Collection - Adorable reptile figures from the Golden Pond Collection by Green Tree. These products originated in Dehua ... one of the finest ceramic capitals of Asia with over 3000 years of ceramic history and culture. A process of 8 working procedures all fired at different temperatures is how the hand painted finish is achieved on these wonderful collectible pieces. Our assortment includes Frogs, Lizards, and Alligators.
Japanese Sushi Sets - Add an Asian flare to you next dinner of Sushi or Chinese food. These complete sets include everything you need. Plates, Sauce Dishes, and Chopsticks

Japanese Sake Sets - The finest traditional glazes are used to create these sake sets that are as much art as they are functional.

Tea Sets - Enjoy your next pot of tea in the tradition style with one of our hand crafted tea sets. Imported from Japan, China, and Vietnam.

Huichol  Bead Art Huichol Bead Art The Huichol Indians have used art figures and other decorative pieces as offerings to the Gods for centuries. The Indians work their spiritual symbols and designs into each piece. This hand carved wood jaguar head was first covered with a layer of beeswax then using a long needle one small bead at a time is pressed into the wax creating this vibrant work of art.
Oaxacan Wood Art - Oaxacan wood carvings are hand carved and painted by Indians in small villages in the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico. They are creative and wonderfully painted figures in bright fun colors. Each carving is an original piece of art.
Batik Tapestry - Batik is an ancient art that reached its peak of development on the Indonesian island of Java.  Dutch traders were so impressed by this craft that in 1835, they brought Batik artists back to Holland with them when they returned from trading trips.
Chinese Fans - The Chinese elevated the common fan to an art form.  We know that leaves and bird feathers were used as early fans but China gets credit for being the first place where fans were manufactured.
Gold Leaf Lacquer - Gold Leaf Lacquer ware is one of the finest crafts produced in China. It involves a 20 step process that converts normal objects of porcelain or wood into beautiful masterpieces. Each piece is hand painted and gilded with gold leaf, then finished with over 10 coats of lacquer, a process that can take up to a month to complete.
Woodblock Prints - We off a selection of genuine Japanese Woodblock Prints created by the Fukui Asajido Company in Kyoto Japan using the old world techniques. Starting at Only $27.95
Thai Silk Scarves & Shawls - Because Thailand is the only Southeast Asian nation to have never been ruled by a European power, silk production is much more traditional.  Additionally, Thai silk is considered exceptionally durable and high quality.  This quality silk is washed, and then dyed carefully to produce stunning and memorable colors.
Cloisonne is a famous traditional enamelware with a history of over 500 years. Cloisonn� is one of the famous arts and crafts of Beijing. The making of cloisonn� requires an elaborate and complicated process involving numerous steps and taking countless hours to complete.
Brass & Bronze - We stock an amazing selection of Brass and Bronze sculptures from the artists of China and India. Choose from detailed Dragons, Foo Dogs, and more.
Scroll Paintings - The art of the Chinese scroll painting dates back at least 4,000 years.  This art form is considered by many people as the highpoint aesthetically speaking during the cultural history of China civilization.  The Chinese use special brushes and inks to create calligraphy, which are the same tools used for the scrolls. 

Buy her something she won't be expecting. 

Choose from our selection of unique and unusual handcrafted arts and crafts from the Far East. We have Silk Scarves and Shawls from Thailand. Exotic Jewelry from Bali, Thailand, and Russia; and a great assortment of Home Decor items. 

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Buy Him something Out of the Ordinary.

Men are always difficult to shop for. Choose from our selection of thousands of different unique and unusual handcrafted arts and crafts from the Far East and South of the Border. We have Dragons and Foo Lions in Brass and Jade, Tribal Masks from Bali, Chinese Snuff Bottles, and many other unusual items.

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Show that special Employee or Customer how much you appreciate them.

Choose from our selection of unique and unusual handcrafted arts and crafts from the Far East and Latin America. We have Silk Scarves and Shawls from Thailand. Exotic Jewelry from Bali, Thailand, and Russia; and a great assortment of Home Decor items.

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Give that New Couple a gift they won't have to return.

Choose from our selection of unique and unusual handcrafted arts and crafts from Around the World. We offer an amazing selection of Unique Gifts that they won't be getting two of. Forget the toaster ovens and blenders.

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We all know how disappointing it can be to give the same gift as someone else.

 Choose from our selection of unique and unusual handcrafted arts and crafts from the Far East and Latin America. Our selection includes thousands of Gifts, Collectibles, and Home Decor items you just don't see every day.

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A wonderful combination of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modern life, Japan has it all. It is one of the world�s most fascinating places to visit as many wonders and revelation await you. You can try your hand at Origami, the popular art of paper folding, or take a walk down the serene paths of a temple or you may step into a theatre and take in a performance - the Kabuki Theatre is a must see in Japan as it is the most famous of the traditional Japanese theatres and depicts one of the various aspects of performing arts.
Kabuki Theatre ...
The tea ceremony is a very special event in Japanese culture. The host spends days going over every detail to make sure that the ceremony will be perfect. There are various styles of tea ceremonies and it is recognized that every human encounter is a singular occasion that will never recur again in exactly the same way, and so every aspect of the tea ceremony is savored. The ceremony takes place in a room called the chashitsu. This room is designed and designated only for this ceremony. The room is usually within a teahouse, and is located away from the residence in the garden. 
Japanese Tea Ceremony ...
The word castle conjures up images of Europe, but it was the Japanese who adapted it to the changing times and blended strength with beauty and grace. Castles are also attributed to William the Conqueror whose invasion of England in 1066 triggered the stupendous erection of these structures. Six hundred years later, they began losing their value as a defense structure with the advent of potent gunpowder and artillery. 
The Castles of Japan ...
The description of this trade route to the west as the `Silk Road' is misleading. In fact, no single route or road was taken. In crossing Central Asia, several different branches developed, passing through different oasis settlements. The name `Silk Road' is relatively new in historic terms, and was actually coined by a nineteenth century German scholar named von Richthofen
Along the Silk Road ...
The Japanese Woodblock Print is an art form, which highlights flowing, curved outlines, simplistic forms as well as the detailing of flat areas containing color.  This form of art has not only existed for a long time in Asian history, but it has also deeply impacted artists in both Europe and North America throughout the 19th century. 
Japanese Woodblock Prints ...
The origin of tea can be traced back to over 4000 years ago in China. No one is sure where and when tea was first brewed; stories about tea's origins are more myth than reality. One story tells that a legendary Chinese leader and medical expert, Sheng Nong, discovered tea as a medicinal herb in 2737 B.C. One day while he was boiling water under a tea tree, some tealeaves fell into Sheng's pot of boiling water. After drinking some tea, he discovered its miraculous powers and immediately placed tea on his list of medicinal herbs.
History of Tea ...
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