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Carp, Koi, & Fish - Whether you are a collector of Carp, Koi, or Fish items or just love beautiful artwork, you will enjoy the selection of artwork we have acquired from around the world. Silk Embroidery, Porcelain, Snuff Bottles, and Amazing Paper Sculpture from China, Carved Tagua from Panama and Ecuador, Lacquer from Vietnam, Molas from Panama, and much more.
Dragon Collection - Our Dragon Collection includes some of the finest sculptures available in Bronze and Jade as well as many other items from around the world.
Elephant Collection - The highlight of our Elephant Collection, Kalagas, come from the home of the Asian Elephant, Thailand. These amazing embroidered pieces can take up to a year to complete. Check out our other Elephant Gifts & Collectibles while you are there.
Foo Dog Collection - One of our most popular sections. You need to check this section regularly, as items sell out very quickly. We offer Foo Dog pairs in Jade, Bronze, and Porcelain. New shipments come in throughout the year from China, India, and Thailand. If you are interested in larger pairs, you might want to email us so we can let you know when the come in.
Frog Collection
 - Our Golden Pond Collection is our best selling frog collectible. Also available are Huichol Bead Frogs from Mexico and Carved Tagua Nut Frogs from Panama & Ecuador.
Panda Collection - Perhaps the most adored animal in the world, the Panda Bear is always a good gift choice when you aren't quite sure what to get someone. Choose from Display Plates from China and Japan, Jewelry, and Chinese Scroll Paintings.
Turtle Collection - Both Land Turtles and Sea Turtles are available in abundance in our Turtle Collection. We have turtles for your walls, your desk or dresser, and turtles you can where so everyone knows how much you love turtles.

Giant Pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) date back two to three million years.  Ancient Chinese emperors kept pandas because they were believed to ward off evil spirits as well as natural disasters.  There is an ancient Chinese story about how giant pandas got their unique markings. A young girl who was a friend of these bears died and the pandas were struck with sorrow. They wept at her funeral and rubbed their eyes with their arms. The dark color from their armbands was wiped onto their eyes. The bears then hugged themselves and marked their ears, shoulders, hind legs and rumps, resulting in the pattern seen today. 

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Foo Dogs are the ancient sacred dogs of Asia who guard Buddhist temples.  The association between these dogs and Buddha is one of great significance.  Foo Dogs have the appearance of a lion.  The lion in Buddhist religion is seen as sacred, and has sometimes been offered to Buddha as a sacrifice.  The name given to these guardians originates from China.  The Chinese word for Buddha is Fo, which led to the original title Dog of Fo.  There have been other theories that the name developed from the city of Foochow; however, there is no actual proof of this.  Another name given to the beast is Lion of Korea.  This, of course, is due to the creatures close appearance to a Lion.

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The Chinese dragon is the ultimate and the most abiding symbol of good fortune and lies at the heart of Chinese mythology and is ubiquitous in Oriental art. Chinese dragons are regarded as divine mythical creatures that bring abundance, prosperity and good luck and its benevolence is known to augur goodness, greatness and plentiful blessings. They stand in contrast to the Western dragons which are usually associated with evil. 

The Chinese dragon is the epitome of power, courage, nobility and divinity with an all-enduring trait that it would overcome all obstacles till it achieves success. They are known to have terrestrial and celestial powers, which is why they are loved, worshipped and appeased. Their manifestations are used for the deeply profound to the simple things like children using dragon-shaped boats and kites. In sum, the dragon�s significance is its control over the destiny of mankind. 

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