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Tagua of Panama

Humming Bird Wounaan Tagua Carving / Pendant

Wounaan Tagua Nut Carving Owl 2 Inch

Orange Frog Wounaan Tagua Nut Carving

Parrot Wounaan Tagua Nut Carving

Owl on Berry Branch Wounaan Tagua Nut Carving
Tagua Nut Carvings
Handcrafted in Panama

The tagua nut has a strong resemblance to animal ivory, making it a wonderful resource for creating all types of beautiful things.  For many years, the tagua nut was used primarily for making buttons but with new technology and more affordable materials such as plastics, a decline began.  The positive aspect of the tagua nut is that just one tree produces enough ivory to equal that of a female elephant trunk, meaning by choosing tagua, innocent animals are spared.  Because of this, today we see the tagua nut again becoming very popular as more and more people are fighting to protect endangered species used for ivory.

Tagua nut carvings from Panama have been such a great source of income for the forest people, giving them back self-sufficiency and pride.  Many of these people are no longer able to live a full tribal life simply because of the demise of the rainforest so this type of harvesting allows them to retain their sense of self and history.

Once the tagua nuts are picked from the ground, the artisans carve them into amazing pieces.  You will find that many of the tagua nut carvings from Panama depict the nature of the rainforest to include monkeys, birds, and various other animals.  In fact, the carvings are typically considered an artistic expression for these tribal men, giving them the opportunity to incorporate their feelings, dreams, and aspirations into the designs.

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