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Netsuke (pronounced “net-ski” or “net-skeh”) are tiny sculptures that originated in Japan as an accessory to traditional Japanese clothing. They have since evolved over a time period of three hundred years into works of art that are both collected and revered by art aficionados across the globe. 

Originally, Netsuke served both functional and aesthetic purposes. The Japanese kimono did not have pockets, so women would hold small objects in their sleeves, and men would wear a silk cord on their obi, or sash. From the cord, they would hang items such as tobacco pouches and coin purses. These items were known as sagemono. To stop the silk cord from slipping under the weight of their sagemono, they would attach a small toggle to the cord. These toggles were known as netsuke, which literally means, “root for fastening”.  Click here to read more.

Beads have forever been a part of history, covering virtually every culture.  Although most beads are used to embellish and adorn, they also serve a number of other functions, which covers political events, social circumstances, religious beliefs, symbolism of curative powers, and have even been used as currency.  Beads are also made in a huge variety of colors and designs, and can be made from all types of materials to include wood, metal, glass, ivory, and plastic. 

Many of the ojime beads made from ivory were first carved in China’s Heibei province.  However, during the mid-1980s, ivory was banned at which time ojime beads were made from boxwood.  These beads are not carved by just anyone, but actual master carvers who consider this a very valuable art form.  Many master carvers can create up to five to ten designs and while some will vary in color, the density and fine grain are what makes them unique.  For a single ojime bead to be crafted by a skilled master carver, approximately four to six hours is required.  Once the carving is complete, the beads are then signed by the artist, hand polished, and waxed to bring out their lustrous shine before being sold.  Click here to read more.

We offer the Internet's largest selection of Asian Arts, Crafts, and Collectibles with over 4,000 different items in stock in our Maryland warehouse. Our products are handcrafted and imported from Japan, China, Korea, Bali, India, Vietnam, Russia, Ceylon, Nepal, and Thailand. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit.

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