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Nine gems

Nature has blessed us with her bounty and there is plenty that is available in Nature for us on this planet. Gemology is the study of the gems that are found in the earth, sea and air.  Indian astrology has many ways to heal and make life on mother earth peaceful for us. One such way is the nine gems or ĎNavratnaí as is known in Sanskrit. The nine gems are associated with the nine planets of the zodiac and each stone has its own powers to heal people. The important nine gems are Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Coral, Catís eye and Garnet.  Other stones like onyx also have effect on the wearer.


Topaz is also known as yellow sapphire. This is the astrological gem that is ruled by planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of prosperity, abundance, education, happiness and success. He is also the benefactor of children and divinity. Numerological number 3 is associated with Jupiter.  Wearing a faultless topaz is said to bring wealth as well as success in marriage and good children. Topaz can be worn by people born under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Pisces. People born with Jupiter enhanced in their personal horoscope have in-depth knowledge of the ancient texts, scriptures and are firm believers in God. They make good teachers, scholars and are balanced in their approach. They are impartial and love to visit holy places. Topaz is also a unique and exquisite gem piece.

The topaz has been known for at least 2000 years and is one of the gemstones which form the foundations of the twelve gates to the Holy City of the New Jerusalem. Though the nine gems originated from India, Westerners believe that they have their origin in Greece. Topaz protects the wearer from enemies and also gives the wearer beauty and splendor. Golden topaz also helps the wearer to attain health, wealth and happiness.


Ruby is red in color and associated with planet Sun who is the central star of the solar system. According to astrology Ruby is the gem stone for Leo, which is ruled by Sun. People born under this sign are basically kings and born leaders.  Wearing a ruby generates the mental and spiritual powers of an individual and special divine thoughts rise in mind of the wearer. Ruby is a costly gem stone. Wearing a ruby can help attain professional success and popularity. Fame and fortune are yours if ruby is worn in an appropriate manner after consulting an astrologer.

If Sun is exalted in an individualís birth chart then wearing a ruby they can command authority and high position in government administration. They are always cheerful and are successful in worldly affairs. Also occupies a respected position in the society. The Ruby, which sprays out red rays in the sunlight, is considered of superior quality. Ruby glowing in darkness is considered to be of a superior quality. Ruby is recommended if the sun is afflicted in a personís birth chart. Wearing a ruby can protect the wearer from ill health and sickness.


Blue in color, Sapphire is the gem stone that is associated with the biggest planet of the zodiac sign that is Saturn. Saturn is like a judge and always is upright and righteous. The zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn. They are steadfast in their approach and have wisdom. If Saturn is exalted in a personís birth chart, then wearing a blue Sapphire ring or pendant can get positive results. Sapphire is associated with removing poverty and attaining wealth. Wearing a Sapphire can improve the health of the individual and also give long life. Saturn is a spiritual planet and can make a person look within himself for answers. Saturn also catapults people to fame, name and fortune. Wearing Sapphire can produce positive results. On wearing a sapphire gem stone if it changes color the stone is warning the wearer of impending danger. Sapphire is also known as blue jewel.


Emerald the green colored gem is the gem stone of Gemini, the flirtatious and airy sign of the Zodiac. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo and Emerald is directly linked with it. According to Chinese metaphysics green is an auspicious color. It represents growth, coolness, prosperity and fertility. Wearing an Emerald brings good luck, fame and name. Most of the film stars and singers are Geminiís as Mercury is associated with art, music and culture. Wearing a clean emerald is said to give good results in all the business and trade activities. It will make the wearer a very influential speaker. An Emerald of good quality and without blemishes gives good health, a strong body to the person wearing it. Apart from this, it also makes him wise and intelligent. It increases wealth and property for the wearer and blesses the native with children. It also ensures safe and painless delivery to pregnant woman. A powerful stone of psychic insight, prophecy, and abundance. Emerald has a tranquilizing effect on the mind.  It is very important that emerald should not have spots or cracks.


The king among gems this is the costliest gem on earth today. A diamond gives your jewelry more character, more individuality and more color! Diamond is associated with the planet Venus, the lord of love and material comforts. Venus is the lord of the signs Taurus and Libra and hence diamond is their birth stone. These people are generally very creative and are celebrities. Film stars, musicians and dancers generally belong to these signs. If Venus is exalted in your individual horoscope, wearing a diamond enhances your life. Even otherwise wearing a diamond brings goodwill to the people born under this sign. It is the most auspicious gem. It brings good luck to politicians, kings and administrators. The Diamond having a white hue is suitable for religious, social and spiritual affairs. Diamond with yellow hue showers success and prosperity. Diamond with a pink tinge is for love and happiness. Diamonds are always associated with luxuries, jewelry, wealth and beauty.


Pearl is white in color and is the symbol of purity, peace and spirituality. Moon is the planet associated with pearl and cancer is the zodiac sign for pearl. Wearing pearls ensures a happy married life and protection from widow-hood. Anybody can wear a pearl and enjoy the elegance as well as the positive effects of wearing it. Pearls are generally white in color. There are pink and black pearls also. Wearing pearl can give tranquility and contentedness to the individual. Besides the individual gets vitality, becomes intelligent and achieves a high position in life. Pearl with a yellow luster brings wealth. Reddish pearl makes one intelligent. White Pearl brings fame and good fortune to the person wearing it. The pearls should be round in shape and should have a glow and luster which brings good luck to the wearer.  Anyone wearing a pearl will have good wealth, good fortune, appreciation and fame. These people know how to keep their emotions under control. Their memory power is good and they lead a balanced emotional life. Just as the moon is cool and calm, these people remain unflustered and have over their mind.


The coral holds a coveted place among the nine gems. Itís reddish in color and symbols victory. It is found in the coastal areas and is found under the sea. Coral is associated with the planet Mars and Scorpio and Aries are the zodiac signs. Mars is the planet for ambition, passion, valor and success. Wearing a coral can beget all the good things of life. Even Romans found it important to wear red corals as amulets in olden times. It wards off evil spirits and protects from sickness. Mars stimulates the mind and wearing a coral can help in mental faculties functioning in perfect harmony with the body and spirit. Wearing a coral can avert warfare and helps in curing blood related problems in the body. Coral is also good for the skin and helps the body temperature remain normal. If there are property disputes, wearing a coral can avert the dispute and make the wearer gain property and real estate.

Catís eye

 The Catís eye is a gem related to the moonís descending period when it vanes. This gem is associated with the zodiac sign Pisces. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. People born under this sign are selfless, spiritual and focused on their inner journey. It is related to liberation, abstract thinking, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, mokshaóenlightenment and wisdom. Mental worries are removed by wearing a catís eye pendant or ring. If cat's eye acts favorably, it makes one a wealthy person. Wearing a catís eye can make the wearer strong and stay in good health. It also gives happiness in the matter of children and makes the wearer wealthy. It is a restorer of lost wealth. Cat's Eye is a quick acting gemstone and should always be worn after a trial. A catís eye or amethyst worn with diamonds enhances its spirit and brings good fortune to the wearer. It gives the wearer spiritual and physic powers. 


Garnet is favorable for people born in the month of January. People born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn cusp Aquarius should wear garnets. The color of garnet is mostly reddish brown but it can be red, light red, violet, purple etc. Garnets are usually semi-opaque but can be transparent with highly lustrous faces. Garnet studded with diamonds or pearls is auspicious and brings good luck to the individual. This gem eases tensions.  In Egypt this gemstone is used as an antidote for food poisoning. Garnet is useful in making an individualís professional life successful. This helps in prosperity and accumulation of wealth. People having birth numbers 4 or 8 should wear Garnets. It is very useful for females having delicate health or suffering from body pains, headaches etc. Wearing a Garnet can prevent Cancer to some extent, fears, phobias and peculiar illnesses. Before wearing a stone it is very important to know whether to wear the stone for an ill-placed planet or a well placed one. Accordingly the effect varies and the results are there to see.

Do consult a professional astrologer or gemologist before wearing any gem stone. Otherwise it can have negative effects also.

Moon Stone

The moon stone as the name suggests is associated with moon and is pale in color. It is a semi-precious stone that has healing powers and should be used with the right gem stones to give the right effect. Basically the moonstone helps to foretell oneís future. It helps to balance emotions and brings happiness. It also helps to accept other stone powers and highlights the effect of other stones.  The moon stone helps in balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual vibrations in an individual. Strung on silk, this gemstone gives optimum results. It is very important to see that no metal is surrounding your gemstone as it can reduce the effect of the stone.  Proper care should be taken while selecting the stones. ďSynthetic or glassĒ stones cannot give any effect to the wearer. So it's very important that the individual looking for a "healing gemstone" consult an expert gemologist, buy from a known person, verify their qualifications to examine gems for treatment to ensure that you receive a natural and original 'gem'.


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