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Organizing your life with Feng Shui

People seek advice on a property they’re going to purchase, an already owned house and a business that is in doldrums, a ‘home office’- that’s a make shift garage, basement area or a verandah creatively put up as a plush office or a niche with a pc, furniture that is within a swanky home. Chinese metaphysics is basically the arranging of the five elements of nature i.e. wood, water, fire, metal and earth. It is a science that helps in rearranging the elements in our surroundings and environment to help us lead a peaceful life.

Feng shui can be used at home as well as at our work place. The basic necessity is to organize the ‘chi’(energy) that flows around us.  All the objects around us possess this ‘chi’( energy) and direct our life. If this energy is allowed to flow freely we can have a harmonious life. By placing these objects in the Feng shui way one can enhance their day to day life.

The famous Trump castle and Disney Land have used Feng shui. Each area of your life (health, wealth, reputation, family, travel, and so on) is strongly associated with various parts of your home. The beauty of Feng shui is that it identifies all these places in your house, which you have been living in for years unnoticed.

Placing simple things available with you or buying Feng shui decorative articles to enhance the ‘chi’or neutralize the negative ‘chi’ is a part of using Feng shui in your life.

A laughing Buddha or a wind chime or a wooden flute can do the trick.

Plants and flowers also play a positive role in Feng shui. The color green reflects growth and prosperity. Positioning a money plant or a bamboo plant in water at your wealth corner can make your wealth grow and you will soon hear the jingle of money. Another perfect way to create chi is by making flower arrangements using the principles of Feng Shui.  By using flowers, you will attract positive energy, fulfillment, and joy in every aspect of your life.

At home Feng shui can be used for all the rooms including bathrooms. Surprised? In the bathroom if the flush tank is not properly placed then all the prosperity can be flushed out. The living room should not be cluttered. Dusting and keeping the home airy daily will drive the negative ‘chi’ away. Try to keep minimum furniture in the living room. The entrance passage to the house should be well lit and no object should be placed there. Front door position is very important for people living in the house.

Kitchen is another place that needs to balance the ‘chi’. Where there should be water if oven is placed it will have adverse effect on the inmates. Placing Feng shui objects to energize certain places can help. The same goes for bedrooms and other rooms also.

Even offices can use Feng shui for business enhancement. Use Feng shui  and learn how to balance the ‘chi’ and lead a trouble free life.


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