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Woodblock Print - Kabuki Actors by Sharaku
Woodblock Print - Kabuki Actors by Sharaku
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This great Sharaku classic is printed with fine detail and excellent color with crushed mica background. Lovely old reprint and a nice find. This print measures 8 by 12 inches. Handcrafted in Japan.

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Japan Trivia

Japanese Samurai warriors first came to be in the 12th century, during the bitter battles between two very powerful Japanese clans: Taira and Minamato. At that time, the military system of rule that was in power was the shogunate, also known as shogun. Shogun’s convention stated that the next up in the hierarchy were the daimyo, who were local rulers, like dukes and seigneurs in Europe. The duties of the samurai were to act as military retainers for these daimyo. This was true except for the ronin. Ronin are samurai without a master. Ronin occurred for the first time in the famous story of Chushingura, when the lord of the 47 ronin was forced to commit suicide.

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