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Mask ~ 5.75 Inch ~ Huichol Bead Art
Mask ~ 5.75 Inch ~ Huichol Bead Art
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Handcrafted in Mexico

Mask ~ Huichol Bead Art The Huichol Indians have used art figures and other decorative pieces as offerings to the Gods for centuries. The Indians work their spiritual symbols and designs into each piece. This hand carved wood mask was first covered with a layer of beeswax then using a long needle one small bead at a time is pressed into the wax creating this vibrant work of art. Measures approximately 3.25 inches wide by 5.75 inches long. Handcrafted in Mexico.

Nestled in the Sierra de Nayarit, just north of Guadalajara, Mexico, you will find approximately 12,000 Huichol (Wee-Chol) Indians, a tribe believed to descend from the Aztec Indians.  This area of Mexico is remote and rugged, and home to one of the last tribes to exist under the Spanish rule.  The Huichol Indians still follow pagan beliefs, consider deer a sacred animal, grow corn, which is thought to be the source of all life, and use a form of communication called peyote.  Because of this, the core of the Huichol Indians consist of deer, corn, and peyote. 

As a very religious and isolated group of people, they express their feelings through art.  So incredible is the Huichol bead art that most consider it a powerful decoration more than a profound religious statement.  As a part of this art, you will find yarn paintings, wooden masks, woven or embroidered adornments, and the most beautiful of all, the incredible bead work, which is thought to have been created for more than 200 years.  Keep in mind that this tribe has its own culture, traditions, and language, meaning the Huichol bead art created is like nothing else in the entire world. 

To create bead art, the Huichol Indians place a thin layer of beeswax with pine resin onto a hollowed out gourd or wooden form.  Then, very carefully and meticulously, small, colorful beads made from glass are picked up with a long needle and pressed into the wax.  Using complex designs and symbols, the result is stunning.  Each piece tells a unique story about the legacy of this tribe and their religious beliefs. 

Mexico Trivia

Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world and the second most-populous country in Latin America after Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

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