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Lord Vishnu who is the protector of our universe according to Hindu religion took ten avatars that is akin to the evolution theory of Charles Darwin. First he took the avatar of Matsya (fish) to save the world. Then he came as Kurma( tortoise ), Varaha ( wild boar),Nrisimha (head of a lion and body of human), Vamana( small man), Parasurama( the angry sage), Rama ( righteous king), Buddha ( monk), Krishna (the lord) and Kalki( on horse back).

The eighth avatar Rama is very famous and popular among Hindus all over the world. Rama was the epitome of goodness, generosity, respect and humility. He set an example of how a king should rule the country and as a son he was obedient and respectful.  When his step mother asked his father to grant her two wishes that Rama be sent to exile for fourteen years and her son Bharath should rule the kingdom, Rama obeyed the orders and went into exile. The entire kingdom was against it. Just to enable his father keep his promises to his step mother, Rama took it upon himself to move out of the way. in the forest his wife Sita was abducted by the demon king Ravan and he waged a war against Ravan to get back his wife. This he could do with the help of monkeys and Hanuman the monkey was his faithful servant.

Rama could have easily used his divine powers to get back his wife, but since he had taken a human form he underwent all the trials and tribulations humans undergo. This way he gave the message that no one is above anyone and all are equal. The story of Ramayan is read by one and all the Hindus and there are many forms of Ramayan. Tulsidas Ramayan is the famous one and so is Kambar Ramayan.  The story of Ramayan has all the emotions and feelings that make it an interesting one.

Rama is known as the “avatara purushan” which means the example of a human being. How a man should perform his duties as a son, husband, father, king and above all a good human being is clearly laid out in the character of Rama.  Among all the avatars of Vishnu, Rama avatar and Krishna avatar gain importance, as they left behind a message to the world. He is depicted as a family man and is always worshipped with his wife Sita, brother Laxman and man Friday Hanuman sitting at his feet. Rama is supposed to have been a handsome man who was fancied by many women but he was devoted to his wife and he coined the word” one woman’s man”. Though Ravan’s sister Surpanaka fancied him he bluntly rejected her and that angered her. She complained to her brother Ravan about this and he abducted Sita. How Rama waged a war against Ravan and got back his wife is the story of Ramayan.

The story of Ramayan is in poetry form as well as prose. It is very auspicious to read the story and the gist of the story is how the good wins over evil.  There are many temples for Rama in India and among all the gods he is worshipped the most.


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