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Have you noticed that when you’ve cleaned that mess in your wardrobe or desk that had accumulated for months, you feel better? Have you felt relaxed and clam after a warm bath at night, at the end of a long, tiring day? In fact you must’ve slept better! The reason being, in the first case, you’ve cleared the clutter that was a sore eye for you. In the second instance, you had relaxed all your tense muscles and the feel of clean clothes on your skin and fragrance of soap calmed your senses and lulled you to slumber. What you’ve done is cleared your space and your body.

Space clearing is another eastern concept that is gaining popularity in the west. Space clearing simply means clearing your living space! It is widely practiced in most eastern countries like India, Burma, Indonesia, China and Hongkong. Although it can be practiced along with Chinese Feng Shui, space clearing is not a part of Feng Shui. 

An aesthetic surrounding with gentle breeze, devoid of congestion, refreshing colors of green of the grass, dotted with flowers of myriad hues, with the azure blue skies above and gentle, meandering river flowing with its gurgling sound, a majestic range of hills at the backdrop is a picture perfect vision of beauty and who wouldn’t dream of abiding in such a place?  

However, with the heart seeking more, a thick population converging at a given point, nothing but congestion, clutter, pollution, stress and fatigue prevail. Everyone wants everything, faster, and none would compromise, resulting in stress and a constant insecurity that others would get ahead of us and that time would pass by. We take on more jobs, more responsibilities, till we get mounting bills, wardrobes closeted with old clothes, unread papers and books, a clogged mind and cholesterol filled heart!

What is the purpose of space clearing?

Space clearing comes to the rescue. When you clear your desk of all the accumulated clutter, you create space for something new! And that’s what is space clearing. The main principle of space clearing is clearing clutter.

Wardrobes overflowing with unused clothes, shelves glutted with unread books, handbag stuffed with stale cosmetics, a table piled with files and papers, and your energy level automatically drops. There’s an energy leak and you are filled with dread which converts itself as fatigue, till you feel lethargic and you postpone that clearing schedule.

But, if you make a concentrated effort to clear the clutter, you’ll find the pests and insects crawling out of the mess, the stink vanishing into thin air and the corners clean. And you will at the end of the day rest peacefully!

This is a promise. When your work for the day is fully done, you will sleep well in knowledge that you’ve done your duty. Clutter is one main culprit that causes energy leak. Thus, world over, people engage in a spring cleaning ritual. This tidies their living space and energizes the spirit.

Ring out the old and ring in the new

When you clear space, you are allowing space for new things. Energy flows freely without getting stuck. The old adage, “Old brooms sweep corners well”, is valid here, as corners are spaces which are often ignored and when you turn on the fan, dust form corners can irritate your nostrils.  

Nature has a natural way of eliminating wastes. Food ingested, is assimilated into the blood stream and digested and the waste is thrown out. When food cannot be properly digested, it causes energy blocks and upsets the stomach. Your system has their limitations. When the balance is disturbed, you’d either get a head-ache, or simply a bad tummy. Because nature has its way of space clearing.  Similarly, when you clear clutter, you are making space for many new things that could usher in good cheer. Space clearing clearly calls for the need to create space for things new.

Sacred space

In countries, like Bali, India etc, a temple is held with utmost sanctity and a home being a temple, is not only kept scrupulously clean, but an element of divinity is maintained as well. And the east believes that only the natural elements of nature can create sacred space. Thus, fresh and fragrant flowers, incense sticks, lamp, clean water or sea-water, salt, bells, cymbals, music, fire are all used to create sacredness.

It is believed that whenever you call in nature to bless your space, you tune in your vibration to the cosmic force and will feel one with nature. Animal or artificial products have no place in this sacred space, for in the end, we want to create space where there’s no place for guilt caused by harming another living being!   

How is space clearing done? 

Clear clutter 

The first step is naturally to create space and this is done only by clearing clutter. If you pause and look around, you could find numerous little things that you don’t need, but occupy your space and block the space that could accommodate things you need. So banish all old newspapers, old clothes, junk including electronic goods, old books, old pieces of broken jewelry, cracked tea cups, old shoes, unpaid and paid bills, things you feel you will need in future and have been storing for the past 5 years!

When was the last time you spring cleaned your house? Despite your aching back, you might’ve certainly felt relaxed and calm after the clean-up. Not only your physical space, but also your mental space would’ve felt lighter.  And one of the most valuable things you gain after space cleaning is a heightened energy level! Clutter causes your energy to leak, blocks clarity, as each time you try to concentrate on work, pending work is at the back of your mind, causing energy leak.  

Space clearing should have an intention 

It’s not uncommon that within a few days of your clearing clutter, you’ll find yourself accumulating more of the things you threw! Thus, you should firmly intent to create space only for those things that you need. Amongst the many beautiful things anyone will need, is peace!

Ring out the old and ring in the new. Yes, by all means, do display all the beautiful curios that you painstakingly bought from distant lands, but also make space for love, peace and happiness. If you wonder how this can be achieved, then remember not to display too many precious and costly items, that you have to constantly worry that a child or wind could drop them and shatter them to pieces. Perhaps, you could keep rotating them on your shelves and create a different look every 6 months!  This way, you will be inviting more peace. With peace, your worries dissipate and love takes their space! When love enters your space, can health be far behind? And definitely, health makes wealth!  

Spell your intentions 

State clearly to the universe what you actually want. The universe responds to your intentions. Start from gratitude. Be grateful to the space that has provided you shelter. It may not be the best place in the world, it may have flaws according to Feng Shui, but as long as you live, treat your space well and it will give you manifold good returns. 

Ask for peace of mind, happiness, understanding and health. When there’s understanding between family members, co-operation soon follows. Even in the absence of real wealth, intangible gains will be felt. Ask for trustworthy, reliable and good-natured and jovial friends. Ask for a happy relationship, ask for good, filial children, seek wisdom, and even fame. The universe will respond and give you all that you seek.

A traditional ritual of space clearing is done by a professional who has been trained in the field. However, a simple technique can be done yourself too. Things you may require are rock salt, clean water, bells, cymbals, fragrant flowers, candle, incense sticks.  

First and foremost, unlike your usual spring cleaning ritual, here you must have a proper bath. Sprinkle a handful of rock salt in your bathwater and take a warm bath. Rock salt has properties that can not only cleanse the body, but also lift your energy levels. Menstruating women should not undertake space clearing on those particular days. People under medication too should avoid this. Your bowels should be cleared and avoid eating meat, non-vegetarian food and wine at that time. Eat a well-balanced food, rich in greens, proteins etc. Drink plenty of water.  

Wear clean and comfortable clothes. You may even wear pendants of rose quartz, crystals etc. 

Clear clutter from every nook and cranny of your house. Throw away things not needed. At night, sprinkle rock salt near the walls and corners of your entire house, before going to bed. 

Next morning, again bathing in water sprinkled with rock salt, wear clean clothes and sweep off the salt from the house. Throw the salt into the river or other water body or simply flush it down your toilet.  

Take pure, clean water to which rock salt and rose petals or your favorite essence has been added and pass your hands over it, affirming the intention you want.  Say a simple prayer that your abode be filled with peace, prosperity, health and wisdom. Seek whatever else you wish into your life-love, knowledge, wealth, career etc. Now, sprinkle the same water all over and dry it with a new cloth. Seek health. 

Your whole house will now exude your favorite fragrance. Select a fragrance that will clam you like rose, juniper, pine, rosemary, lavender or chamomile. Ask for peace.  

Traditional practitioners will go around clapping their hands around the house, especially in the corners to free the stuck energies there. You may take your bell and go ringing the bell all around, especially in the corners. If using cymbals, then go up and down the walls as the cymbals reverberate. Pray for clarity of thought, asking nature to remove doubts, suspicions and fears. 

8. Light a new candle or lamp at the family altar. The candle and lamp both should be unused. You may use the family lamp, but clean it the previous day. The wick and oil should be new. Light incense sticks too. Now, pray again and walk the house with the illuminated lamp. Pray for enlightenment and wisdom.  

In a brass tray, carry pebbles you’ve picked from the sea, your incense sticks, lamp, bells and walk around the house. Let the fragrance of the incense purify the entire house. Let the light of the lamp illuminate the house with wisdom, you may place flower petals too in the house. Let the tone of the bells and cymbals fill the house with new energy. You may in the end, put on some truly calm music.  

When should space clearing be done? 

1. When you move 

You could do it whenever you wish. But usually, it is done when you start living in a new house. You could either try to clear your new space off the energies of the previous members or try to fill the brand new energies with whatever intentions you want.   

2. When someone has been sick 

The smell of medicine, injections and spirit can make all a trifle nervous, as these are quite foreboding. So, during the person’s recovery, shift him to a comfortable place, open all the windows, letting in natural light and air and then carry these.  

When someone has passed away 

The Hindus usually consecrate the entire house, including people a fortnight after some family member has passed away. Each time a Hindu has visited the cremation ground; he has a bath and usually shaves off his beard and head. This actually destroys the germs of the ground that may be trapped in the hair. Space clearing in such a home thus destroys germs, the odor of medicines, and sanctifies the stale energy. 

After an argument 

This may seem irrational, as every other day you and your partner or children could be having an argument. Well, do space clearing only after a particularly bad one. Gifted psychics can actually feel stuck up energy after an argument and not clearing that can cause the recycling of energies!  

After birth 

In olden days, women usually gave birth at home. Women in such a state are known to carry the residue of the womb and menstruate to cleanse the residue. This is known to be harmful. The baby too is known to carry these germs, and hence a house is sanctified. However, today, with births occurring in hospitals and with better sanitation, one doesn’t have to worry about germs.  

A haunted house! 

If you feel your space has been invaded by alien spirits, you must engage in this ritual, but Note, an expert should be hired. The expert will be trained in the field and will deal with your fears. If none is available, you could seek a priest’s help or firmly ask the entity to politely leave your space, as you’ve nothing worthwhile to offer. Be polite and that’s enough.  

For those who don’t believe in spirits, ghosts and spirits are the fears and guilt feeling stored in your mind, attracting negative energy. Undo whatever mistakes you might’ve done and seek forgiveness.   

You want to create space for something new 

When you want a change of your space, you could do space clearing along with shifting your furniture around. Throw some new cushions, carpets etc to give the home an image work-over! And along with that, do it intently. 

What is the frequency?

 A thorough round of space clearing should be done twice in a year within 6 months of the earlier one. Once in a year ritual should suffice too.

Space clearing when done for your body, today is known as detoxifying your internal system. You could do that for people too, along with clearing the aura and chakra cleansing. Chakra cleansing opens the energy fields in your body, releasing blocked energy. Colon hydrotherapy is also akin to detoxifying.

When you recover from an attack of cold, for the next few weeks, your nasal passage being clear, you will be breathing clearly; your voice is devoid of phlegm and your head devoid of sinus. So you could combine deep breathing exercise too. 

If you examine, space clearing is akin to detoxifying your system, balancing your aura and chakras, or going for a spa therapy, except here, that it’s done for your living space and you are ushering in divine energies.


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