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Singing Bowls

Music has no language or boundaries. It gives the singer tremendous satisfaction after a concert as music has healing powers.  In the same way, if bowls can make music how wonderful it would be to the ears? Just as we have music therapy, ancient Indian, Chinese and Japanese followed the practice of playing singing bowls to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The entire eastern region starting from India, China, Tibet and Japan used singing bowls during meditation and other religious practices. It is considered to be sacred and auspicious. The singing bowls also known as Tibetan singing bowls originate from the Himalayan region. They are the best form of bowls that are made up of five metals. This is known as “panchaloga”. These bowls are used to reverberate when hit upon and the sound waves emanate positive energy all around the place. This is used during meditation and chanting of mantras. These bowls are available in all sizes.

The singing bowls are also known as magical tools that can transform the life of an individual. Depending upon the size of the bowl a mallet made with wood or leather can be rubbed on the rim of the bowl creating magical sounds. They are known as magical sounds because they help in de-stressing the mind and stimulating mental activity. Chiropractors, Reiki practitioners, sound therapists and medical practitioners use singing bowls to bring peace and tranquility to their patients.

Even while meditating these bowls are used for healing effect. These bowls are also made of silica sand that is found all over the world. Countries like Nepal and India export singing bowls in large number through out the world. In this fast paced maddening world peace and tranquility are a rarity. Use singing bowls to attain mental peace and relaxation. Buddhism encourages the Dhamma form of meditation where singing bowls are used at regular intervals to enhance the power of meditation. It is believed that singing bowls assist spiritual seekers to the state of enlightenment.

Healing through sound or sound therapy is an ancient form of therapy. There is a direct link between different parts of human body and certain sounds. It has been predicted by various philosophers and astrologers and therapists that diseases can be treated and cured with sound therapy. In India the sound of the musical instrument is associated with Lord Krishna and when he plays the flute the entire universe stands still. Hinduism and Buddhism attach a lot of importance to singing bowls as they are spiritual healers and uplift mental consciousness.

One thing is very certain, that these singing bowls are a very powerful spiritual tool. It is rumored that Lamas use these bowls in their meditation to transcend to another plane of consciousness. It has a wonderful tone that carries for a very long time. The multi-layered tone of these bowls keeps ringing in the ears for as long as 3 minutes! Though the bowls are found in Buddhist and Tibetan monasteries nobody knows the exact history of the singing bowls.


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