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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a process where one realizes and accepts the existence of God and lives your life happily on this earth. In India the saying is “everything is predestined and God has already scripted our life story”. Once you accept this then there is no worry or stress. There are many ways to heal one spiritually. Meditation, yoga, Reiki and Sun gazing.

Once you accept that God exists and ‘He is the doer’ then see your life transform and how this thought can provide an experience of inspiration, joy, security, peace of mind, and guidance. The law of attraction talks about the same feeling to generate positivity and power. The channeling of healing energy from its spiritual source to someone who needs it is called spiritual healing. This is what Reiki, the Japanese art of healing practices. Here the patient can be cured by telepathy as well. The Reiki master requires thinking about the patient and sitting in meditation to heal the patient of ill health. This powerful healing process is practiced even today in the eastern countries of Japan, India and China.

In spiritual healing the body, mind and spirit are interdependent on each other. Reiki, the cosmic energy is a boon to mankind. It is a path way to good health, joy, peace, happiness and harmony within and around. This can help a person achieve much more and attain optimum level of success.

Yoga, meditation helps to detoxify your body and mind and keep you free of negative energy. Sun Gazing also known as ‘Surya Namaskar ‘in Sanskrit is a daily ritual of the Hindus even today. Standing early in the morning facing the rising sun and chanting mantras has positive effects on the mind. This disciplines the mind as well as the spirit.

Your thoughts rule over you, says the law of attraction.

Gratitude is such a rare thought nowadays that most of us have forgotten this feeling. But gratitude is a very powerful feeling which has a multiple effect. And remember, it does not cost anything, doesn’t require any resources and is free.

Show gratitude for the things you already have. If you can’t think of anything, just think of the people who have even less. “I prayed for shoes, till I saw a man without legs” Anonymous. What kind of thoughts come to your mind when you visualize a man without legs? A feeling of true gratitude. You feel blessed by God. It is not necessary that you have to feel gratitude only in such instances .You can feel gratitude for the small mercies of life.

It used to be a practice in most of the households to thank God before supper. I don’t know if the practice is still prevalent today, but it is a powerful thought. Small gestures of gratitude accumulate to form a tremendous force. Together, they have the potential to transform your world.

Gratitude is something one feels for what happens to them. You may get promoted and feel gratitude. But what is truly powerful is thanking in advance for events which are likely to occur in future. By this we send a powerful signal to the universe that we completely believe in what is going to happen in the future. Actually we give thanks as if it has already occurred. This reinforces our belief and the universe responds in a more powerful way.

Thanking in advance is therefore a fine way to let the universe know that you are experiencing the material events before its occurrence. You are in fact forcing nature to create the events and hastening the process. Gratitude likewise is the ultimate feeling which propels the universe to give shape to your thoughts. With a gesture of gratitude you are ensuring safe passage through the process of transformation. You need not search for reasons to feel grateful. Everyday, you can show your gratitude, by simply thanking God or nature during each mealtime and while going to bed.


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