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Tibetan Medicine

According to Buddhist preaching nothing is constant in the universe and everything keeps moving in the cosmic universe. Tibetan medicine is a fine blend of science, art and philosophy.  It provides a holistic approach to health care.  As a science its principles are systematic and logical. This is based on an understanding of the body and its relationship to the environment. As an art it uses creativity, insight, subtlety and compassion of the medical practitioner. As a philosophy it embraces the key Buddhist principles of humanity, destiny and beliefs.

Tibetan medicine is also known as pulse analysis. The main style of treatment in Tibetan medicine is to observe the patient, inquire about the symptoms and pulse taking. Through pulse reading the practitioner will be able to diagnose the disease of the patient. This has been in practice in India and Tibet for the last 2500 years. The Tibetan medical theory feels that everything in this world is made up of the five elements present in our surroundings. They are earth, water, air, fire and space. All the cells present in the universe are made up of one of the five elements and are combined together to form a shape.

The treatment in Tibetan medicine is through inquiring, touch healing and pulse taking. The medications are either small tablets or herbs, or decoctions and pills. This shows that the Tibetan medicine treatments are gentle and unharmful to the humans.  Pulse reading forms the most important part of Tibetan medicine. This involves placing the three middle fingers at patient's radial arteries. Diagnosis is based on thorough interrogation and pulse taking. Even today pregnancy can be confirmed by checking the pulse of a woman.

The treatment in Tibetan medicine is very simple. Dietary control and proper lifestyle can solve many problems like headache, stomach ailments, digestion, acidity, common cold and cough, alcoholism, hypertension and heart disease. It also cures arthritis, rheumatism and liver and sinus problems. The Tibetan doctor advises people to drink boiled water, to cook foods properly, and pay attention to the sources of water.

The golden needle therapy in Tibetan medicine helps in stimulating the energy channels of the body. Gentle massage with various herbal oils is a relief for joint aches and pains and head aches. Medicinal bath and natural spring baths are used to treat an assortment of skin disorders as well as chronic arthritis, gout and cold types of rheumatism, and rigid and stiffness of the extremities. Tibetan medicine treats as per Buddhist preaching.  Spiritual Masters of medicine, are of the opinion that diseases are caused by the three poisons; Attachment, Aversion and Delusion.

Though the Chinese have destroyed most of Tibet the Tibetan medicine is still in practice because of its popularity in curing diseases. It is rich in cultural heritage and though traditional in nature, Tibetan medicine is a panacea for all ills. The Tibetan medical and Astrological Institute is situated in Dharmshala in Northern India.


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