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Tingshas, are two circular discs with inscriptions that is tied with a leather rope or thick thread. This is used to hit against each other to make music. The sound made by Tingshas is very auspicious and wards off evil spirits and bad omens. India, China and Japan are the eastern countries where Tingshas are very popular and used while chanting prayers or singing hymns. Nowadays it is very popular to heal diseases with color therapy and sound therapy. The lilting sound made by these two circular discs creates positive sound vibrations and cleanse the atmosphere. In India all temples, places of worship and even households have a pair of Tingshas. Famous psychologists have said that “Vibration is the basis of life. Every sound you ever made echoes still. Sound waves never entirely disappear. Every part of our body has its own frequency. Resonance occurs when frequencies come into synchronization. Different frequencies influence genes and cells. Form is created by underlying vibration. A solid is actually a wave, created and organized by pulse. “

The sound of Tingshas is like a summons. The pure, ringing sound of the Tingsha creates an opening in the atmosphere. It awakens the dormant spirit within and helps the mind to concentrate on its core job.  It is believed that the Tingshas sound can clear the imbalance present in Nature.  In Tibet Tingshas are used to clear the mind before and after meditation. When you attend a concert with singing bowls, you will come across the penetrating singing sound of Tingshas. Like singing bowls, these small circular discs are considered ritual artifacts. They are used by Buddhist monks but are also used in the Shamanic tradition. Though their origin is not clear they are made from a mix of seven metals, just like singing bowls. In some Tingshas, the iron is replaced by meteorite, the 'celestial' metal which gives the instruments their pearly shine. The inscriptions that are on top of the Tingshas are known as Ashtamangala that is 8 symbols of happiness.

Even in India traditional cultural performances use Tingshas to start the prayer. Pundits and pontiffs use Tingshas to chant mantras and sing prayers in praise of God. Basically the sound resonating from the Tingshas clears the mind and helps in concentration. They also help in relaxing the mind and body. After a stressful day the sound of the Tingshas helps in healing the body and mind. These are made in the Himalayan region and should be tested for perfect sound before purchasing Tingshas. A good and perfect Tingsha will have the sound “Om” resonating even after playing it. The sound keeps vibrating after it is played for a long time in the place. Tingshas can be used for space clearing to remove negative energies. Tingshas have been in use for hundreds of generations and its origin is unknown.


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