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Trees and plants in Feng Shui 

An ideal home should have a garden full of plants and trees. The view from your windows should be pleasant and scenic. Hospitals, burial grounds, schools, places of worship are best avoided. Why places of worship? You may ask. Because, schools and places of worship can create a chi imbalance. Not always are these places active! Although a busy street is fine, a busy highway is a definite no-no!

Trees and plants play a vital role in Feng shui. They enhance and regulate the chi. They are known to be the wood element in Feng shui. Plants and trees in your garden or on the road outside your house can attract positive energy and can keep the place cool and peaceful.

For a Feng shui garden avoid cactus and other desert plants. Chinese astrology believes that having thorns as inauspicious. Green is the color of growth and prosperity. If the plant grows then there is ample growth in wealth and health. Flowering plants are most preferred as they bring in freshness, wealth and goodness. A bamboo shoot or plant is called a good luck plant. Rose flower plant adds beauty and willow tree is for grace and a pine tree is for longevity. A banana tree can ward off the fears of ghosts.

Each tree and plant has its own significance. Water is another element that can create positive energy along with plants. Having a fountain or a water fall in your garden adds not only beauty but also saves you from drained bank account, weight problems or quarrels.

In a Feng shui garden keep it clean from dead leaves and broken pots. While designing a Feng shui garden, remember to have meandering path ways so that the energy flows freely. Consult a practitioner for balancing the five elements of air, water, fire, wood and metal.

For indoor plants money plant or Pachira is an auspicious plant. This requires very little sunlight and can be kept at the wealth corner of your living room.

A good luck bamboo is another indoor plant that doesn’t need anything except water. If water is changed every second day the plant remains fresh and grows well. It is very easy to maintain a bamboo plant. This bamboo has the power to ward off evil and negative energy from the house. It will not only bring luck and fortune but can also activate energy that is stagnated in a corner or location.

Where ever there is imbalance of chi in the house, placing a plant can balance the energy of that room including the toilet.


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