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Yoga as alternative medicine

Yoga and meditation are definite stress busters, soothing frayed nerves. Breathing techniques are known to pump more enthusiasm, than oxygen! Sri Sri Ravishankar the founder of the Art of Living vouches for Sudarshana Kriya.

Its a known fact that oxygenated blood revitalizes. The simple act of inhaling and exhaling, pumps in oxygen into the bloodstream. However, work pressure, scrambled thoughts and sedentary lifestyles, leave us drained. Mechanical lifestyles, without a moment to pause results in blood pressure, diabetes and anxiety. Yoga forces us to flex tense muscles, thus relaxing tense shoulders and joints. Deep inhaling and exhaling soothes the forehead muscles which knot up when were tense.

Initially, meditation, allows positive and negative thoughts to permeate the consciousness. Negative, self-destructive thoughts are allowed to enter, even when pleasant thoughts of successful others compete for their presence. But with regular yoga one can turn the negatives into positives, under the able guidance of a guru. When breathing slows down, reasoning emerges!

When you focus on your own breath, you concentrate on yourself and are forced to be gentle with yourself.

Pranayama is a breathing technique that regulates the flow of prana or qi in the body. It aims to pump more oxygen to the brain and blood and control prana. Sufficient blood to   brain revitalizes.

While assuming certain postures or asanas where we sit erect, blood flows uninterruptedly through the spine. This improves focus and analytical thinking.

Mudras or hand and finger postures can be done anywhere, inside a moving vehicle or while lounging! Mudras help in balancing the 5 elements that make up the body. The popular Gyan mudra, where the index finger touches the thumb, increases concentration that is vital in acquiring wisdom, purifies the mind, curing mental ailments and addictions.

For those lacking self-confidence, fold the index fingers to the base of the thumb and let the thumbs touch the tips of bent middle and ring fingers. 

Yoga helps combat premenstrual depression, menopause and post-partum blues. By balancing the endocrine system, that control hormone production, yoga calms the nervous system and even reduces hot flashes. It strengthens bones, massages reproductive organs, and relieves pelvic congestion too.

Kundalini yoga relieves post-partum depression. Chanting of certain mantras, along with positive visualizations purges out negative thoughts and strengthens women mentally. 

The loss of unwanted cellulite and a rejuvenated spirit boosts confidence and thus you emerge as a fearless, confident and secure person!


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