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Yoga is an ancient Hindu art that exercises the body, mind and soul. It has its origin in India and is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means to control, to unite. In India Yoga was practiced even by the Gods and so it is not known when and who started it. Indian Puranas mention Hindu Gods like Shiva sitting in a Yogic pose. Even the Bagavad Gita which is the bible of the Hindus mention about yoga in its verses. Today yoga is more practiced like a form of exercise for good health. The breathing exercises can cure asthma attacks and help people with breathing problems. Diseases like acidity, diabetes, blood pressure, sinus, arthritis and digestion can be cured with yoga. The “asanaas” (postures) help the body to detoxify and maintain good health and vitality.

The Hindu sage Patanjali is supposed to be the founder of yoga. His yoga is known as raja yoga which is a system for control of the mind. It is believed that yoga can relieve you from all the worldly sufferings and help you attain ‘moksha’ which means salvation and no rebirth. Yoga is also associated with Buddhism. One can see the yogic postures of the Lamas in the temple of Dalai Lama.

Today yoga is used by everyone to relieve stress, to help in concentration for hyper active kids, to assist ladies during pregnancy to have an easy delivery and also for those who not only wish to keep their body and mind in control but also enrich their spirit. There are many kinds of yoga. Bakthi yoga, ynana yoga, kundalini yoga where you can awaken a spirit, Ashtanga yoga, Mantra yoga, Samadhi yoga to name a few. The philosophy of yoga is vast but sage Patanjali has surmised the essence of it in eight steps or methods.

The major advantage of yoga is that it is for all people, regardless of their age, lifestyle, finances, health, religion, family relations, circumstances etc. The main aim of yoga is to attain peace and tranquility within and it is not necessary to give up your present lifestyle to find this. Everybody can attain the benefits of yoga by practicing at home. Yoga is nothing but self discipline. There are diets that can enhance the power of yoga along with the exercise and daily routine.

Yoga has become a rage not only in the West but world over. People are practicing yoga to rid themselves of aches and pains and to de-stress their overworked mind. Inhaling and exhaling, which is the basic in yoga helps to still the body and tense muscles and enables the mind to achieve stillness without   any thoughts. You can practice yoga at anytime of the day. There is no specific time or place for it. Only see that the place you practice is neat and clean. Wear light and loose clothes while practicing yoga. Avoid excessive intake of coffee, tea, alcohol and drugs. Keep your mind free from anxiety, worries and any stress while practicing yoga. Incorporate yoga in your life and feel the difference.


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