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A Japanese Puzzle Box Makes a Unique Gift

Many people are tired of giving the same old gifts like gift cards for special occasions and are looking for a unique gift. One gift you may want to consider is a Japanese puzzle box. These boxes are beautiful wood boxes that have a secret.

What is a Japanese Puzzle Box?

These boxes are also referred to as a himitsu-bako which literally translates to Personal Secret Box. They have been in existence for over 100 years and have been traced back to a region in Japan called Hakone. They are wood boxes that at first glance look like a box that is just beautifully decorated. However upon further examination of the box the recipient will soon learn that the box holds a secret.

The secret is the box opens. There are designed to have an enigma type effect. This means that they will first peak your curiosity and then draw you in by the benign look of the boxes. Once you have begun to work the box however you will learn that it is deceptively difficult. One reason is because they were intentional designed that way.

Even when given specific instructions on how to open the box it is difficult. This is because the beautifully inlayed wood creates a design that often makes it very difficult just figuring out which side is the top. They do however range in levels of difficulty which depends on how many moves are require for opening the box.  Some of the less difficult boxes to open take as few as twelve moves and the most difficult box known to exist requires 325 moves to open the box.

When giving a puzzle box to someone who is inexperienced with them you may want to start them off with a box with fewer steps to open it. Starting someone off with a box that is too complicated may frustrate them and leave them uninterested in trying to complete the puzzle. The goal is to challenge them without deflating them.

One great thing about giving a puzzle box is once the recipients understand it you can make it a tradition to supply them with a new one each year and steadily increasing the difficulty. The Japanese puzzle box makes a great unique gift. The box itself is beautifully decorated and would make a nice gift all by itself but itís the box's secret that makes it completely unique.

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