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Challenge your Mind with Himitsu Baku

The Himitsu Baku is a Japanese wooden puzzle box, handcrafted from wood by one of many master craftsmen. The men who create these boxes in Japan are renowned for their craftsmanship, because these are simply no ordinary boxes. The Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle box is said to have been first developed in or around 1893, which was the tail end of the Edo period in Japan. 

The purpose of the Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle box is to challenge those who wish to open it. The Himitsu Baku box consists of a number of small panels, decorated in intricate Japanese patterns that make it a perfect mantle piece decoration. These panels need to be moved slightly in different steps, and each of the steps loosens devices within the box that will allow it to be opened after a certain sequence has been completed. The most popular and more easily found Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes are found in four-step, seven-step, ten-step and twelve-step variations, though there are a number of other variations as well. There have been Japanese puzzle boxes created by master craftsmen that require as many as 125 or 150 'moves' to open them, but these boxes are extremely difficult to find, and many of the craftsmen responsible for their creation have passed on. 

Anyone who is interested in puzzles, enjoying Rubik's cube puzzles, ISIS puzzles and other popular hand puzzles, will enjoy these traditional Japanese box puzzles. These puzzles are each individually hand crafted from wood by master artisans in Japan, hand carved and decorated, and comprised of special mechanisms that require certain movements be made in order to open these boxes. The smallest amount of 'moves' required to open a Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle box is 4, but these puzzle boxes have been constructed to require as many as 50 secret moves before the compartment within the box can be revealed. 

While Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes with smaller required move numbers are still readily available from a number of sources, it is difficult if not completely impossible to find the Himitsu Baku puzzle boxes requiring more than around 60 moves or so. This is because the men who crafted these boxes in the past have passed away, and if any of these boxes are still being created, certainly none of them are being sold anywhere. Still, Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes requiring as many as fifty-five to sixty secret moves can still be found in numerous sources, although it is not known how long they will be available before they too have become sold out. 

Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes are extremely well made, crafted by hand in wood with gorgeous hand-carved patterns in them that make them a wonderful piece of décor in addition to a truly enjoyable puzzle. While these puzzle boxes do traditionally come with instructions for opening, half of the fun is figuring out the secret for yourself.

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