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Choosing the Best Style of Japanese Puzzle Box

The Japanese puzzle box is a wooden box which can be opened up by those who know the right steps in order to do so.  The way in which the puzzle box is crafted only allows it to be opened if the wood pieces are moved in the right direction and done so in the correct order.  Japanese puzzle boxes are not only fun to solve but they can be beautiful decorative pieces as well.  When buying a Japanese puzzle box, there are a few factors to consider prior to making the final purchase in order to choose the best style of box.   

Basic or Ornate Features 

First and foremost, you should determine whether you want your Japanese puzzle box to be basic in design or stand out from across the room. There are many different styles of puzzle boxes.  Some come in a basic wood style with little design on them whereas others have a finished wood component with a glossy overlay that is designed to the hilt.  In order to choose a Japanese puzzle box which is designed to suit your tastes, determine whether you want your puzzle box to blend into the woodwork or stand out.  

Type of Wood 

You should also decide what type of wood your Japanese puzzle box should be comprised of.  The crafters of puzzle boxes use a variety of woods to make these items and no matter what type of wood you prefer, there is sure to be a puzzle box made out of it.  Wood types such as walnut, maple and Katsura wood can be fashioned into a Japanese puzzle box and the type of wood which you choose will be dependent on your individual tastes.   

Shape of the Japanese Puzzle Box 

Although many may think that Japanese puzzle boxes, by their name, come only in the shape of a square or rectangular box, this is not the case.  These puzzles boxes can be made into circular structures, hearts, triangular shapes and more.  This feature adds a bit of uniqueness to the Japanese puzzle box as one can add to their collection by straying away from simple boxlike figures and expanding into different shaped puzzle boxes.  The availability of various shapes is a beneficial factor as you can purchase unusually shaped Japanese puzzle boxes for puzzle box enthusiasts and it may be much more likely that they do not already have the uniquely shaped type of box. 

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