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Collectible Japanese Puzzle Boxes

Himitsu Baku Japanese Puzzle Boxes are unique and fun to collect wooden box puzzles that have become a true passion for people who enjoy stimulating their minds in unique and innovative ways. These Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes are all functional, intriguing and truly beautiful. They are filled with secrets because they require between seven and one-hundred fifty special moves before they can be opened correctly. They can be found all over the world, but all authentic Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes are from Japan, which is where they are hand carved and crafted by some of the most innovative master artisans in the entire world. 

Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes are handmade, handcrafted wooden box puzzles that are becoming particularly highly collectible, because they are composed of extraordinarily detailed artwork. Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes are more than simply beautiful, handcrafted box artwork, as they are also a unique, innovative and truly challenging game that requires the owner to solve an equation using a variety of different moveable panels on all faces of the box in order to completely open it.  

A number of people have fallen so deeply in love with these creative puzzles that they consider themselves to be collectors, trying to get a hold of as many of these unique Himitsu Baku puzzle boxes as they can. While there are similar puzzles available for a variety of sources online and in stores, the Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes are as authentic as they come.  

Traditional Himitsu Japanese puzzle boxes can be relatively simple or extremely challenging and nearly impossible for the owner to solve them, unless specific step by step directions have been followed for each specific box. Each style of Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle box has its own unique order for unlocking it, and the box cannot be opened in any way unless the proper unlocking sequence has been completed. Most Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes come with original, numbered step by step instructions because without them, these boxes are difficult if not completely impossible to solve. These instructions, however, are typically illustrated and easy to follow even if they are written completely in Japanese. 

Solving one of these Japanese puzzle boxes requires that one or more sliding parts be moved, allowing other parts to move slightly. Moving one side panel, for example, will unlock another side panel, and moving that side panel will result in the unlocking of another side panel. Each of these movements works to partially unlock either the top or the bottom of the box. Users continue to unlock parts of the boxes until the top panel can slide completely free, which is what allows the Himitsu Baku to be completely opened. The most common difficulties for these Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes range between around four moves and around sixty-six moves, through there are larger puzzle boxes that have incredible move counts, including 78, 119, 122 and 125. These Himitsu Baku boxes are much more difficult to find, but are well worth the effort, and the investment, for those who are passionate about puzzles.

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