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Determining the Complexity of a Japanese Puzzle Box

There are many unique products available for sale these days and one such item is the Japanese puzzle box.  This type of box is often a lovely decorated wooden box in and of itself but there is more than meets the eye with a box of this type.  The Japanese puzzle box, which is called himitsu-bako in Japan, can actually be opened so long as the individual doing the opening knows the secret combination.  There are a few things which will determine the complexity of opening a particular Japanese puzzle box.  If you are searching for a puzzle box with a certain degree of complexity then the following factors should be considered. 

The Maker of the Japanese Puzzle Box 

These works of art were created by individuals specifically trained in crafting Japanese puzzle boxes and the way in which they are made is what determines the complexity of the opening thereof.  The first step is completed by the box maker himself. He will design and create the actual workings of the box. It is the box maker himself that determines how difficult the Japanese Puzzle box will be to open. 

Number of Moves 

The number of moves it takes in order to open up a Japanese puzzle box will determine how complex the puzzle truly is.  If the puzzle only takes 4 moves to open up, this will be much easier to solve than one which takes 59 moves to get to the secret within.  Therefore, the more moves a Japanese puzzle box has in order to open it up, the more likely it is that the complexity will increase as well.  When purchasing a puzzle box, make sure to determine the difficulty involved by seeing how many moves it will take to solve the puzzle as this is crucial for knowing how hard it will be to open up. 

The Overall Craftsmanship of the Japanese Puzzle Box 

Another factor to consider when trying to determine the complexity involved with opening up a Japanese puzzle box relates to the overall craftsmanship of the box.  In other words, if the box is made of a smooth wood with a nicely finished overlay, then this box will ultimately open up easier than one which is made of a rougher wood and less finished surface.  This is an additional component to consider when trying to choose a Japanese puzzle box based on the complexity level.

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