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Modern Day Puzzle Box Masters

Over the past 100 years, just a handful of master craftsmen have been responsible for producing some of the finest puzzle boxes in existence.  However, with popularity of this box growing, we now see more and more people taking interest in producing their own style.  For this reason, a number of modern day puzzle box masters have cropped up, each offering something beautiful and unique.  This article will provide information on a few of these artisans, as well as what makes them so special. 

Randal Gatewood – Being a perfectionist is what makes Randal’s work so desirable.  Taking his woodworking skills and intense desire to create unique pieces, Randal has come up with designs incredibly perfect.  Interestingly, Randal’s skills in puzzle box making, comes primarily from him being self-taught.  Over the years, he has honed his skill, creating pieces unlike any other.  Even more fascinating is that in his 20 years as a woodworker, his talent pertaining to the puzzle box spans just five years. 

Patrick Farvacque – Coming from France, Patrick’s puzzle boxes are made from the highest quality material, thus producing only the finest product.  With a history as a mathematician, Patrick has created amazing challenges for people of all ages.  Not only are his puzzle boxes exciting to work, but also beautiful to display. 

Peter Chapman – If you want a puzzle box in the shape of an animal, then you will fall in love with the 3D designs made by Peter Chapman.  His 3D puzzle boxes are unlike anything you have ever seen, being so realistic and detailed that you stand in awe.  While his puzzle boxes are fully functional, it is the sheer work of art that captures and mesmerizes.  Each box is carefully and dramatically created using several different wood species. 

Bernhard Schweitzer – This artist is known around the globe.  His puzzle box designs are backed with his skills in math result in amazing products.  Best of all, every puzzle box Bernhard creates makes a lasting impression.

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