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Puzzle Boxes Designs

Over the past 100 years, puzzle boxes have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons.  For starters, these boxes are beautiful, making them an actual piece of art that can be displayed.  Additionally, puzzle boxes offer security, giving you the perfect place to store precious gems or even important documents.  Then, puzzle boxes are fun.  Since each box is designed to be opened using sequential steps that can range from two to 122, they are challenging and unique. 

One of the greatest aspects of the puzzle box is the design itself.  While some are simply boxes, others are created in wonderful shapes and styles, as you will see from the examples listed below. 

·        Puzzle Boxes with Inlay – Often, puzzle boxes are made using a special technique in which the top layer of wood is thinly sliced.  On the surface, various designs are created using a number of different wood types.

o       Wave Inlay – This design resembles ocean waves

o       Heart Stamp Inlay – A loving heart is the center of this design

o       Giraffe Inlay – For this, the surface design looks just like the spots on a giraffe

o       Leopard Inlay – This puzzle box is similar to the giraffe design with the exception that the design is that of leopard spots

o       Language – In this case, words of endearment are inscribed on the surface

o       Flower Inlay – You will find a wide array of flower options

o       Animal Inlay – This might include a bird, fish, dog, cat, horse, etc 

·        Puzzle Boxes in Various Shapes – In addition to surface designs, many puzzle boxes are actually carved in shapes.  Some of these include:

o       Guitar – For the music lover, you could choose a puzzle box in the shape of a guitar, although other musical instruments are available such as a piano, trumpet, drums, and so on

o       Heart – This particular shape would be perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift, sweet 16 gift, or any other special occasion for someone you love

o       Leaf – Beautifully made, the leaf puzzle box is just that, shaped in the form of a leaf, which could include oak, maple, walnut, etc

o       House – If looking for a housewarming gift, the house shape is ideal, featuring several moving parts and various sizes

o       3D – One of the latest and greatest options is the 3D puzzle box.  These come in wonderful shapes such as a cat, lizard, snake, frog, bear, fish, turtle, horse, and other unique designs

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