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Puzzle Boxes Standards

If you were looking for a new piece of art or perhaps a special gift, one that is beautiful but also functional, we would highly recommend you consider buying a puzzle box.  These boxes are designed for security in that to open them you must be able to process a number of steps.  These sequences can range anywhere from two to 122 steps, each unique to the box.  Although highly functional, the fun comes in choosing from so many wonderful designs. 

In this article, we wanted to provide you with a list of some of the various standards of puzzle boxes you might consider.  Now, keep in mind that the look of your puzzle box would vary depending on the country from which it originates.  The reason is that each country uses different wood species to create the box, as well as processes and designs. 

·        Small Puzzle Boxes – In this group, you might find some of the following:

o       2.5 Sun 12 Step Yosegi Japanese puzzle box, which is rated as “difficult”, measures 3x2.5x2-inches, and made from various types of wood

o       18-Step Kirichigai Mame Japanese puzzle box, rated as “moderate to difficult” and measures 1.75x1.25x1.15-inches

o       2 Sun 10 Step Kirichigai Japanese puzzle box, rated as “moderate” and measures 2.25x1.75x1.15-inches

o       3 Step Karakuri Japanese puzzle box, which is rated as “difficult initially and then easy” and made from Katura and maple

·        Medium Puzzle Boxes – These boxes are slightly larger to include samples of:

o       4 Sun 27 Step Sansui Zougan Kuroasa Japanese puzzle box, measuring 4.72x3.15x2.17-inches

o       5 Sun 42 Step Aka Fuji Kuroasa Japanese puzzle box, measuring 5.98x4.17.2.76-inches

·        Large Puzzle Boxes – Many times, the larger puzzle boxes will include some type of special surprise inside such as a Japanese coin:

o       7 sun 72 Step Kizaya Japanese puzzle box, measuring 8.6x6.25x4.5-inches

o       6 Sun 36 + 1 Move Saya Japanese puzzle box, measuring 7x5x3.9-inches


You will also find a nice selection of limited edition puzzle boxes, crafted by master artisans.  As far as price, most of the smaller puzzle boxes cost less than $50 with medium running around $150 and larger ones up to $400.  Then, the limited edition puzzle boxes, which are often one of a kind, can cost as much as $500, although some are reasonably prices.

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