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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Japanese Puzzle Box

A Japanese puzzle box is a unique item with an interesting past.  Originating over a century ago, the Japanese puzzle box was first used to hide items away from all others except the owner thereof who had the secret combination to get into the box.  Today, these items are used as souvenirs, gifts and conversation pieces and their overall complexity and beauty is appreciated by all who lay eyes upon them.  When searching for a Japanese puzzle box to buy, there a few tips to keep in mind in order to buy the right one for your needs. 

Purpose of the Purchase 

The first thing you have to consider prior to buying a Japanese puzzle box is what the purpose for buying it is.  For example, will it be used as a decorative touch in your home or being presented as a gift for a friend?  By pinpointing the reason for the purchase of the Japanese puzzle box, you will best be able to select one which stands out amongst the rest.  If you are buying the item for your home you can choose one which goes best with your décor.  On the other hand, if buying a Japanese puzzle box for a friend, you can select one which you think will appeal to your friend and their individual tastes. 

Size of the Japanese Puzzle Box 

Another tip to keep in mind when purchasing a Japanese puzzle box is what size you want the box to be.  These types of puzzle boxes are available in a wide array of lengths, or "suns" as they are called in Japanese.  This Japanese unit of measure will determine the length of the individual box and you should purchase one which comes in the size that you are looking for.  The sun unit of measure describes the overall length of the box and does not relate to dimensions such as width or height.  

Desired Design on the Box 

An additional factor to consider when purchasing a Japanese puzzle box is what type of design you want the box to have.  These types of boxes range anywhere from simply designed ones to beautiful ornate creations.  By determining what style of box you are looking for you will better be able to narrow down the options and choose the perfect type of box to suit your individual taste or the style favored by a friend, if presenting the Japanese puzzle box as a gift.

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