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Try the challenge of Himitsu Baku

In today's society, everybody likes a challenge. SuDoku, Kakuro, crosswords, word searches, and a variety of other popular puzzles are gaining increasing popularity as people look for new and innovative ways to challenge themselves. Although paper and pen puzzles are trendy right now, there are a lot of people who still prefer the original puzzle, hand puzzles that have given way to the invention of a number of innovative and creative puzzle ideas through the years. Still, there are a number of puzzles that have been around for so long, that while difficult to find, they are well worth considering. 

If you are into puzzles, and looking for something new and challenging, the Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle box is something you should put serious consideration into. These puzzle boxes are challenging to solve if you do not use the included instructions, though the instructions are also plenty challenging since they are written in Japanese. The traditional Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle box is small and rectangular in shape, with hand carved designs on all six faces. The top panel opens up, and sometimes the bottom panel opens up as well. But before you can open these main panels of the box, you must first unlock a serious of other panels in a specific sequence in order to align panels correctly so that the top and bottom can slide out as they are meant to. 

Each of the sides of the box has a serious of different panels that slide, and each time you slide one of the small panels, it unlocks the ability for you to slide another panel in the box. You are meant to consider sliding the panels until finally everything is aligned properly and the top of the box can be slid open. Some boxes have a small number of panels, but a large number of required moves, and some have a large number of panels but only a small number of required moves, depending on how challenging a puzzle you are looking for. Common difficulty levels include 4-moves, 5-moves, 10-moves, and 20-moves, with difficulty levels between 25 moves and 60 moves being more difficult, and rarer to locate. There are also Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes with difficulties ranging from 60-moves to as many as one-hundred fifty moves, but these are even more difficult to find, and near impossible to solve, especially without the directions. 

Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle boxes are unique, authentic Japanese puzzle boxes that were originally constructed as far back as 1893, which is the latter half of the Edo period, before Edo became what is now known as Tokyo. These boxes are handcrafted and hand carved from wood by master Artisans in Japan, though they are becoming more widely available as they become more popular through the years. Anyone who enjoys a challenge will benefit from experimenting with the challenging nature of a Himitsu Baku Japanese puzzle box.

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