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What are Puzzle Boxes

Puzzle boxes are small wooden boxes that are fun for people of all ages.  These unique boxes can be used simply for display purposes or as the perfect hiding place for special treasures.  In addition to purchasing a puzzle box for you, they also make the ideal gift, especially for people hard to buy for. 

Interesting, puzzle boxes are made in a number of different countries to include Japan, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Morocco, India, and even Poland.  While the concept of the puzzle box remains the same regardless of its origin, design concepts do vary.  You will also discover that this special box is made from a variety of woods and even designs. 

To give you an idea of what you might find when shopping for a puzzle box, we have listed just a few examples of the fun designs to consider. 

·        Music – For the music lover, you could choose between a puzzle box shaped like a piano, violin, guitar, and other instruments.

·        Animals – These puzzle boxes are pure fun, available in shapes such as a turtle, frog, butterfly, cat, parrot, and so on.

·        Sentimental – If you need a gift for Mother’s Day or perhaps your daughter’s sweet 16, then you might look at various types of puzzle boxes in the shape of a heart.

·        Jewelry Boxes – For storing some of your precious jewels, you will find beautiful puzzle boxes.  As an example, one made in Turkey would be beautifully handcrafted of walnut, which is then lined with silky fabric.  Depending on the style you choose, some will also include a key so your treasures remain secure. 

Puzzle boxes also come in many different sizes.  A larger box could easily measure 7x3.5x2-inches while a smaller box might measure 4.25x3.125x3.375-inches.  One of the most distinguishing features of any puzzle box is the actual wood from which it is made.  As mentioned, many of the puzzle boxes created in Turkey are made from rich walnut while those coming from Morocco are crafted from Thuya Burl, a fabulous wood that originates from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.  Regardless of what you choose, you can be sure the recipient of this amazing gift will be thrilled.

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