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Woods Used for Making Puzzle Boxes

These small treasure boxes come from different places around the world, each offering something unique.  Puzzle boxes are made from wood, which also varies depending on the country from which it comes.  For this reason, you will find that some designs are more intricate than others but all are beautiful. 

For example, Poland is known for making magnificent puzzle boxes.  Many designs are made from linen wood, which comes out of the Tatra Mountains.  Although you can purchase Poland puzzle boxes made from natural wood, many are beautifully, hand stained, and then painted.  Typically, these puzzle boxes are simple in design but still stunning. 

Japanese puzzle boxes probably have the most variety of wood species.  For instance, you could choose a white box, made from the spindle or dogwood tree.  Another option would be one with a yellow hue, perfectly crafted from the sumac, wax, or Japanese lacquer tree.  Other possibilities for a Japanese puzzle box include wood from the persimmon, camphor, pagoda, walnut, Zelkova, cherry, Jindai, magnolia, and Judas tree. 

A favorite wood used in creating the Vietnamese puzzle box is rosewood.  This particular wood is very durable and perfect for creating exquisite designs.  For this reason, many people enjoy the Vietnamese puzzle box because it is somewhat different from others.  You will also find that often, a high-gloss finish is applied, giving the puzzle box a rich finish. 

The Moroccan puzzle box is also a great choice, typically being made from Thuya Burl wood coming from the Atlas Mountains.  This conifer tree has thick branches, giving it the same density as cedar.  As with Vietnamese puzzle boxes, those coming out of Morocco are also considered prized possessions due to the unique pattern.  You see, this particular type of wood features what is known as the “bird’s eye”, which is a wonderful swirling pattern. 

Finally, you have puzzle boxes from Turkey, Costa Rica, and India.  Boxes crafted in Turkey are commonly made from walnut, Costa Rica produces boxes from a variety of hardwoods grown on plantations, and boxes from India are made from wood similar to teak, known as Sheesham.

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