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Healing Properties of Gemstones & Minerals

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Aventurine - Brings good luck and attracts money. Stimulates creativity, intelligence and perception. A great healing stone, it gives a sense of mental and emotional well-being.
Amazonite- helps clarify and improve thinking. Improves self worth.
Cape Amethyst - Inner alignment. Provides energy and balances your inner sprit and self. 
Amethyst - Relieves depression and helps with stress. Overall calming properties and great for someone dealing with a difficult time in their life.
Blue Apatite - Relieves hypertension. Helps to curb your appetite so you can stay on a diet program.
Aquamarine - Clarifies and sharpens the mind. Also has calming properties.
Bloodstone - Gives you courage. Healing stone for any ailment relating to blood.
Calcite - Speeds up the healing process. Great for someone recovering from surgery or illness.
Carnelian - Very popular healing stone for any type of ailment. Improves overall natural energy level.
Chrysoprase - Helps with depression relating to love or heartache. Stabilizes emotional balance.
Citrine - Builds personal power to help you reach your goals. Also helps to aid with stomach problems.
Fluorite - Increases your will-power. Great when facing a major challenge or overcoming a major obstacle in your life.
Garnet - Boosts your confidence and energy. A great stone for someone beginning a new task or job.
Goldstone - Lifts the spirit and reduces tension. Great for someone feeling down from pressures in their job or personal life.
Hematite - Lowers blood pressure and helps you to relax.
Howlite - Allows you to relax when you are worried or anxious about something.
Jade - One of the most versatile stones. Helps to achieve peace in your life by accepting difficulties through humility. Builds harmony and reduces stress.
Jasper - Helps you deal with problems by calming your mind.
Red Jasper - Helps you to deal with aggression, anger, and conflict.

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Healing Properties of Gemstones and Minerals

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