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Semi-Precious Gemstones used in our Arts, Crafts, and Jewelry

The artists that create our stone carvings, sculptures, and jewelry use different stones from around the world. One the following pages are many of the stones used. They are listed here in alphabetical order. See our main gemstone page for stones broken done by color or group.

Page One

African Buddstone African Turquoise Algae Jasper Amazonite Amethyst
Africa Africa China China Africa
Ametrine Aquamarine Australian Amethyst Banded Cape Amethyst Black Agate
Brazil Africa Australia Africa Brazil
Black Jade Black Lined Rhodonite Black Obsidian Black Stone Black Tibet Agate
America China South America China China
Black Tourmaline Blue Agate Blue Appatite Blue Calcite Blue Goldstone
Brazil Brazil Brazil Madagascar China
Blue Howlite Blue Kyanite Blue Lace Agate Blue Quartz Blue Tiger Eye
Australia Brazil Africa Brazil Africa
Botswana Carnelian Breciated Jasper Brown Tibet Agate Buddstone Burma Green Jade
Africa Africa China Brazil Burma
Burma Jade Butter Jade Chalcedite China Breciated Jasper China Chalcedite
Burma Africa Africa China China
China Green Jade China Snowflake China Unakite China Yellow Jasper China Green Stripe Stone
China China China China China
Chinese Rainbow Fluorite Chinese Red Sesame Stone Chinese Turquoise Chinese White Turquoise Chinese Yellow Agate
China China China China China
Chrysoprase Citrine Coral Jasper Cracked Crystal White Cracked Crystal Citrine
Australia Brazil China Brazil Brazil

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More Information in our Reference Section:

Stone Reference Chart in Alphabetical Order
Gemstones by Color:
Black, White, and Grey | Blue | Brown | Green | Purple & Pink | Red | Yellow | Translucent
Gemstones by Classifications
Healing Properties of Gemstones and Minerals

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