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Five Dynasties ~ 908 - 960

Misrule, court intrigues, economic exploitation, and popular rebellions weakened the  Tang Empire, making it possible for northern invaders to terminate the dynasty in 907. The next half-century saw the fragmentation of China into five northern dynasties and ten southern kingdoms. But in 960 a new power, Song (960-1279), reunified most of China Proper.

Later Liang
Taizu 907-910 Modi 911-923
Later Tang
Zhuangzong 923-926 Mingzong 926-934
  Feidi 934-934  
Later Jin
Gaozu 936-944 Chudi 944-947

Later Han

Gaozu 947-948 Yindi 948-951

Later Zhou

Taizu 951-954 Shizong 954-960



The Great Wall of China The Forbidden City
The Terracotta Army Along the Silk Road
Dragon & Phoenix ~ Silk Embroidery
Silk Embroidery
Gold Leaf Painted ~ 10 Inch Turnip Vase
Gold Leaf Lacquer
Pair of 10 Inch Closionne Vases
Pair of Brass Foo Dogs
Brass & Bronze
Inside Painted Boxes

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