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Ming Dynasty ~ 1368 - 1644
Major Advancements: The use of Reign Marks, Ming Porcelain / Imperial Kilns.
Major Public Works: The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, The Ming Tombs, The Great Naval Expeditions
Rivalry among the Mongol imperial heirs, natural disasters, and numerous peasant uprisings led to the collapse of the Yuan dynasty. The Ming dynasty was founded by a Han Chinese peasant and former Buddhist monk turned rebel army leader. Having its capital first at Nanjing  and later at Beijing, the Ming reached the zenith of power during the first quarter of the fifteenth century. The Chinese fleet sailed the China seas and the Indian Ocean, cruising as far as the east coast of Africa. The maritime Asian nations sent envoys with tribute for the Chinese emperor. Internally, the Grand Canal was expanded to its farthest limits and proved to be a stimulus to domestic trade. The Ming maritime expeditions stopped rather suddenly after 1433, the date of the last voyage. Historians have given as one of the reasons the great expense of large-scale expeditions at a time of preoccupation with northern defenses against the Mongols. Opposition at court also may have been a contributing factor, as conservative officials found the concept of expansion and commercial ventures alien to Chinese ideas of government. The stability of the Ming dynasty, which was without major disruptions of the population, economy, arts, society, or politics, promoted a belief among the Chinese that they had achieved the most satisfactory civilization on earth and that nothing foreign was needed or welcome.
Hongwu 1368-1398 Jianwen 1399-1402
Yongle 1403-1424 Hongxi 1425
Xuande 1426-1435 Zhentong 1436-1449
Jingtai 1450-1457 Tianshun 1457-1464
Chenghua 1465-1487 Hongzhi 1488-1505
Zhengde 1506-1521 Jiajing 1522-1567
Longqing 1567-1572 Wanli 1573-1620
Taichang 1620 Tianqi 1621-1627
Chongzhen 1628-1644    



The Great Wall of China The Forbidden City
The Terracotta Army Along the Silk Road
Dragon & Phoenix ~ Silk Embroidery
Silk Embroidery
Gold Leaf Painted ~ 10 Inch Turnip Vase
Gold Leaf Lacquer
Pair of 10 Inch Closionne Vases
Pair of Brass Foo Dogs
Brass & Bronze
Inside Painted Boxes

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