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General Kwan 

Kwan Yu was born a commoner, over 1í700 years ago, at the end of the Han Dynasty, completely unaware of the fact that he was destined for greatness.  His first action that brought him notice was when he came to the rescue of one of his neighbors, who had been victimized by government officials who were, at that time, very corrupt. 

Kwan was physically an extremely noticeable man, being very large and powerful and having a distinct, red face.  He was considered quite a formidable adversary.  As the word of his action against the government spread, his peers began to consider him a local hero, and the continued to respect him as he continued his assistance to those who were helplessly being exploited.  His quest was to uphold justice as well as create peace and order among his people.  He gained a threatening reputation among the government officials who searched for him ceaselessly as their hatred for him grew. 

The Emperor did not miss note of the deeds of Kwan, much to the upset of the angry government officials.  The Emperor was an honorable man and called upon Kwan to help him destroy the wickedness and treason that was rampant within the infrastructure of the Imperial palace, as well as the government and the army.  Kwan was very successful in the removal of the objectionable issues faced by the Emperor, and Kwan was then appointed the lucrative position of General. 

General Kwan led the Emperorís Army, known for his strength, and particularly for his military genius.  He always stood up for justice and displayed honorable mercy to those who were defenseless opponents.   He was revered for his wisdom, his honesty and his compassion. 

Today he is still revered as a true legend, known and studied for his high standards and virtues.  He is even recognized today as the Patron God of Chinese Martial Arts.  Paintings, statues and other likenesses of General Kwan can be found in almost every traditional Shaolin kung fu school.  Many government offices, police stations and post offices also display images of general Kwan, for his symbolic representation of righteousness, loyalty, humbleness and justice. 

His virtues have withstood the test of time and have traveled down to us throughout the ages.  The most commonly recognized of these virtues is: knowledge.  This is because knowledge is the only true knowledge, and the understanding of knowledge is the only true application of power.


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