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The Japanese incense ceremony, known as Kodo or Kou-dou, dates back centuries.  Through many years of intense study and practice to perform the ceremony correctly, this refined art form has become a very important part of the Japanese culture.  The amazing thing about this particular ceremony is that while learning how to perform a Japanese Tea Ceremony can be mastered in about 15 to 30 minutes, to master the art of Kodo typically takes more than 30 years! 

Not just any ceremony, with Kodo, you can participate in any number of ceremonies or games that will be offered by a Kodo Master.  To begin, you would get involved with games and parties that are hosted in private homes.  The ceremony involves a variety of unique steps such as kneading incense, a long and difficult process and of course, burning. 

This ceremony is elegant and provides an experience that is like none other.  With Kodo, there is a sense of peace and tranquility, a type of powerful resonance of the Japanese history and culture.  During the ceremony, in addition to the games played, the senses are also put through a series of tests. 

If you were interested in learning how to perform a traditional Kodo ceremony, you will need tons of patience and a long-term interest.  You can purchase sets on the internet for the ceremony, which would include two different types of incense one that would be used during the day and the other used at night.  Additionally, the set would include round incense holders and a book of instructions.  However, if you were just interested in the ceremony but not sure that you want to spend 30 years perfecting the art, then you can locate a number of Kodo masters that offer the public entrance into this amazing art. 

You can even attend special schools in Japan that teach the art of performing an incense ceremony.  Keep in mind that this is truly a very important of the culture and therefore, you should take the learning process seriously.  To gain more information, you can contact anyone of the three schools, which include Hachiyryu, Olye-ryu, and Shino-ryu, to get more information.


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