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Welcome to our Christmas Holiday Reference Section. 

Some of the Writers that produce the articles in our Reference Section have put together some informative and entertaining articles about Christmas and the many Traditions that make the holiday what it is today. Explore the history of the holiday as well as the story behind Santa Claus, Holiday Giving, Christmas Traditions, Christmas Trees and much more.

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The History of Christmas

The Beginnings of a Modern Christmas was essentially an evolutionary process that developed over a period of centuries into what we now commonly recognize as the Christmas holiday season. This includes the establishment of a particular time of the year for celebration, the inventions of various decorations and symbols as well as the common interactive pleasantries and traditions. While Christmas is, of course, considered a holiday of the Christian tradition (although it has become more secularized and inclusive in recent years) much of what exists today in modern Christmas originated in many decidedly non-Christian cultures many centuries prior to the birth of Christ. So, to a great extent, the advent of modern Christmas was an evolutionary process that redefined the common winter festivals of pagan, pre-Christian and non-Christian religions. Read More...

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas Music - Does anyone remember when there were three network channels, a PBS station and then the voided wasteland of UHF? Yes, in the days before cable television there was more emphasis on big “event” television particularly around the holiday season. During Christmas there were a great variety of specials that were holiday themed and one of the most memorable was a Bing Crosby special that featured a duet between him and David Bowie where they sang and incredibly moving version of The Little Drummer Boy. Even though three decades have past since that famous episode aired, it still remains an incredibly memorable and moving duet. In fact, there are a number of moving and interesting versions of Christmas songs and Christmas music because it more than just a way of emoting lyrics indicative of the time of the year, they are passionate moving songs that truly reflect the spirit of the Christmas season. While most people are familiar with Christmas songs (how can you not miss hearing them on the radio during December?) most people are not familiar with their origins. Where did Christmas songs originate and how did they start?  Read More... 

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All About Santa Claus

The American Santa Claus - The character of Santa Claus has taken on many forms and many names throughout the centuries and at different times and in different cultures, the famous Christmas character would take on a multitude of different appearances and forms. Even the name has changed over time as the name Santa Claus itself derives from the mispronunciation of a Dutch variant on other common name Santa is most associated, St. Nicholas. So, how then did all these different variations become the modern day American image of Santa Claus, the bearded jolly old fat man in a red suit who bellows “Ho! Ho! Ho!”? Well, it was a process that slowly developed throughout the 19th century starting with a poem in a newspaper.  Read More...

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Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Tips - It’s that time of year again, you know putting up a Christmas tree.  Did we hear a groan?  Maybe this can help with the choosing of your tree.

Measure the door and the wall where the tree will go.  It makes sense that if you have a 6 foot ceiling, a 7 foot tree won’t fit.  Same principle with the width of your door, if your door is only 5 feet wide, keep the tree a little thinner.  I know this sounds logical, but you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard people say in the store “oh it will fit.” Only to have them come back with the brute, and I get the tree for 25% off.

Decide if you want a real live tree or an artificial tree.  A live tree is nice, has a great smell to it, brings the outdoors into your indoors and neighbors will praise you for the natural way you are celebrating Christmas.  However, live trees need to be watered daily and though they still get watered they drop needles like nobody’s business and, bugs sometimes live in these things and come out by the droves because the dead tree is not given them the nourishment they need. Read More...

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