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 Mother's Day

Mother's Day Articles

History of Mother’s Day 

The first connection with Mother’s Day goes back to ancient Greeks, specific to Rhea, the mother of several deities, as well as the Romans who presented offerings to Cybele, the “Great Mother of Gods”.  Thereafter, Christians began celebrating Mother’s Day in honor of the mother of Christ, Mary, which was held during Lent on the fourth Sunday of the month.  Eventually, Mother’s Day was expanded on in England as a way of showing respect and honor to all mothers, which then became known as “Mothering Sunday”. 

Today, Mother’s Day is a highly celebrated holiday in America, with a long, rich history of more than 150 years.  The creation of the holiday in the United States started with an Appalachian mother named Anna Jarvis.  She was an early day “Mother Theresa”, responsible for raising awareness in relation to people in the community who lived with poor health.  Showing her support for all mothers, Jarvis deemed her work, “Mother’s Day Work”.  Read More...

In Celebration of our Most Famous Mother 

Most children would argue, believing their mother is in fact the most wonderful mother in the world.  While this is certainly true, we need to look at one of the world’s most famous mother, a woman who has not only loved her own family, but a woman who has gone beyond to make a huge impact on the world in which we live. 

Mother Teresa 

We have all heard of the woman from Calcutta, Indian known as Mother Teresa.  Having received special religious training from the Our Lady of Loreto in Ireland, as well as India, Mother Teresa has in fact become one of the best-known women of all time for her work.  She was actually born under the name of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, having been born in 1931.  However, she converted to nunnery in 1937, taking the French name of “Teresa”. 

Receiving a call from God, Mother Teresa began teaching in Calcutta at Saint Mary’s High School where she remained for 20 years.  Then feeling she needed to do more, she turned her focus to helping and teaching poor people who lived on the streets of India.  Then in 1948, she became an official citizen of the country, becoming an independent nun with permission from Pope Pious XII.  Read More...

Interesting Facts about Mother’s Day 

We have all heard of Mother’s Day, knowing this is a day of celebrating the lives and works of mothers.  During this time, children do wonderful things to show moms how special they are and how much the things they do are appreciated.  However, as you will learn in this article, Mother’s Day is shrouded with interesting facts, some that we want to share. 

      Mother’s Day was celebrated in ancient Greece during the springtime months, as a way of honoring Rhea, the “mother of Gods”.  In honor of her, special drinks and honey cakes were served.  The celebration always took place at dawn at which time the event began with the presentation of flowers. 

      In Africa, some of the tribal people do not call themselves families.  Instead, they refer to themselves as Maharis, which translates to “motherhoods”. 

      The Imperial family of Japan has a long descendant line from Omikami Amaterasu, which means “Mother of the World”    Read More...

Mother’s Day Flowers 

With Mother’s Day coming up, this is the time to start planning something special for the mother in your life.  For some people, this might be a wonderful brunch, or perhaps you want to give your mom a special treat such as a trip to a day spa or even diamond jewelry.  In addition, most families will purchase flowers for Mother’s Day, which is a gift you know will be appreciated. 

If you plan to purchase flowers for your mother, we wanted to provide you with a few helpful tips on what to look for to make sure you buy the best flowers possible.  Sure, you might pick up roses from the local grocery store or the man selling them on the corner but chances are these flowers will not last long.  Although no flowers live forever, buying quality will provide your mother with a beautiful bouquet that she can enjoy for weeks. 

Now, remember that Anna Jarvis, the woman who lobbied to make Mother’s Day a recognized holiday encouraged the House of Representatives to wear white carnations.  Therefore, if you want to stick with tradition, you need to purchase this type of flower.  However, more commonly, we see children and husbands choosing to buy red roses, the flower that symbolizes love.  Read More....

Ways of Celebrating Mother’s Day 

"Youth fades; love droops, the leaves of friendship fall; A mother's secret hope outlives them all" - Oliver Wendell Holmes 

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to start planning something special.  This long-standing holiday is celebrated by millions of people around the country, although in different ways.  Keep in mind that Mother’s Day is also celebrated in other countries, although it is more widely known in America.  To help you plan the perfect day for your special mother, we wanted to provide you with some tips on how to make that happen. 

Typically, mothers work not just in the home but also outside the home.  This means they spend long hours in and outside the home, making sure dinner is on the table, bills paid, kids cleaned up and taxied around, not to include all the responsibilities for the career.  Mothers definitely deserve to be honored.  One of the first options is to treat your mom with a gift certificate to a day spa.  There, she could enjoy such services such as a full body massage, body wrap, facial, manicure, and pedicure.  You can be assured that a trip to a day spa would be a much-needed and appreciated Mother’s Day gift.  Read More...

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