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Silk scarves have been used for a variety of purposes throughout history.  Its lightweight warmth caused silk to become one of the most popular materials for things like aviator's scarves and for parachutes.  However, the high cost of silk throughout history has meant that silk scarves were often considered a luxury item in Europe and North America.  It has only been in the last 20 years that silk scarves have become more widely available.  Thai silk scarves are among the most elegant and beautiful scarves, and have been thrilling the fashion world for several years now. 

The production of silk stretches back centuries in Thailand.  Because Thailand is the only Southeast Asian nation to have never been ruled by a European power, silk production is much more traditional.  Additionally, Thai silk is considered exceptionally durable and high quality.  This quality silk is washed, and then dyed carefully to produce stunning and memorable colors.  One of the most remarkable features of Thai silk scarves is their patterns and artwork, many of which stem from Thai folklore and culture. 

Thai silk scarves may feature many different patterns, ranging from tie dying and squares to elaborate representations of stars, moons, and planets.  Artwork on Thai silk scarves varies even more.  One of the most traditional symbols in Thai culture is that of the Elephant, and so many scarves feature this animal in a variety of settings.  Floral pictures are also popular, as are trees and other nature scenes.  Other pictures often seen on Thai silk scarves are birds perched on lush tree branches, scenes of traditional village life or of Buddhist temples.  Because the price of silk has dropped in recent years, it is now possible for women to wear a beautiful piece of art, both for warmth and as a fashion accessory.  Thai silk scarves in white and in solid colors are also popular with men who want to evoke the image of the brave and adventurous aviator. 

Thai silk scarves have become one of Thailand's chief consumer exports.  In fact, they are now available in stores all over the world.  However, many people also travel to Thailand each year and find fabulous silk scarves in the shops and Bazaars of Thailand's major cities.  While the Thai silk scarves found in your local area will be of excellent quality, your chances of finding an original design on a scarf increase dramatically by visiting Thailand, which also has many historic sights and beaches to enjoy.  The next time you are looking for a fashion accessory that shows your originality and style, be sure to look at Thai silk scarves.  These lightweight and surprisingly affordable scarves will both keep you warm and show the world that you have a good eye for fashion.


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