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yin and yang - the balance of energy forces 

In Chinese jargon, yin and yang are often used to indicate equal and opposite forces.  By yang we mean that which is active, masculine, forceful, bright, day. Its counterpart ‘yin’ denotes that which is inactive, feminine, dark, night, quiet.  

“Heaven is yang, while the earth below yin.” This is a common adage in Feng Shui, implying many things. Rains from the heavens descend upon the earth, which in turn nurtures life. Without rains the earth remains barren, losing its ability to sustain life. Sun or daytime is considered bright and yang, as opposed to night or moon that is yin.

 Does it mean that yang is good and strong, while yin is bad and weak? Man initiates and the woman yields. However, wouldn’t any man like when the woman responds? Just as man is considered the stronger sex, but have certain feminine aspects like love, sympathy and creativity and the woman considered being a weaker sex can be assertive and independent; yin and yang are two sides of the same coin!

 Each cannot exist without the other, creating imbalance when operating independently. After a hard day’s work, we need rest and we return to our bedrooms to recuperate. We don’t use any other room! A noisy, bright room is yang and ideal for partying. A dim, quiet room is suited for relaxation. Can you say one room is superior to the other?

Thus, when designing a house, it’s wise to bear in mind where to locate your bedrooms and family rooms. A mountain is considered yin, while the roaring sea is yang. It’s usually considered best if you have a mountain behind the house to offer you support and an open space or water in the front. However, in occult, everything is individualistic, and sometimes, a mountain in the front and water behind should be the ideal thing!  This is according to flying stars.

A hospital and cemetery are yin and you wouldn’t want your house facing any of these! It’s not the question of ghosts invading your space, but when daily a deceased finds its way to the cemetery, why should you spoil your day pondering about grim issues and be witness to mourning relatives? And yes, some Masters do vouch for the spirits’ presence in such locations.

Similarly, living very close to a highway, school and railway station are giving you yang energy. The noise disturbs.


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